MouseAdventure Spring 2006

CategoryTeam #Team NameEnd TimeTotal Time (hr:min)
Resort Wide128Brother Bears14:3503:38
Resort Wide132Oswald Returns14:4104:20
Resort Wide6SuperStar Losers15:3104:32
Resort Wide9Properly Warned15:4704:51
Resort Wide46Simba's Pride14:5104:57
Resort Wide4114:4404:59
Resort Wide63Team N'Ohana15:3705:07
Resort Wide84the goofys15:5405:09
Resort Wide80Team Zlick15:4805:13
Resort Wide48Blew By You15:2705:24
Resort Wide109San Diego Mouse Catchers (aka Team Big Pencil)15:3505:37
Resort Wide40Single Rider Syndicate15:5805:38
Resort Wide37Mickey's Steamboats16:0005:47
Resort Wide61Three Blind Mice15:5605:47
Resort Wide3515:5806:02
Resort Wide91Triple R Racers14:4906:03
Resort Wide6716:0006:08
Resort Wide29Deogee, Inc. - Lisa and David to the Rescue!15:5606:14
Resort Wide90The Meeples15:1606:14
Resort Wide66Lost Causes15:4906:23
Resort Wide1Beauties and The Beast15:5906:30
Resort Wide69Mary Poppies16:0006:31
Resort Wide125Fellowship of the Mouse15:5306:31
Resort Wide47Dorks, Inc.15:4706:36
Resort Wide22Penny Pinching Pin Pushers15:5906:51
Resort Wide27The LGMs16:0006:54
Resort Wide57The Spoonfuls of Sugar16:0006:59
Resort Wide87Aurora & Stitch15:5707:13
Resort Wide15Too Keyed to Tiki!15:5707:15
Resort Wide119The Denton Affair16:0007:15
Resort Wide94Park Freaks15:5907:26
Resort Wide121The Happiest Team on Earth15:5907:31
Resort Wide120The Abominables15:4707:34
Resort Wide3Parrots of the Caribbean15:5807:38
Resort Wide103Team Whateverland15:5407:38
Resort Wide71The Finding Teamo15:5607:39
Resort Wide73Sandy Clawses15:4907:43
Resort Wide64Something McGees15:5507:44
Resort Wide78Shiny Happy People16:0007:57
Resort Wide129Got Mickey15:5008:07
Resort Wide24HEADHUNTERS16:0008:08
Resort Wide4514:5808:25
Resort Wide32The Happy Hyenas15:1108:36
Resort Wide72Just Meandering15:5708:51
Resort Wide11California Adventurers15:5808:55
Resort Wide68The Hunny Pots15:5408:58
Resort Wide2015:4608:59
Resort Wide79Nightmare on Main Street II15:5208:59
Resort Wide85goofys16:0009:00
Resort Wide2616:0009:06
Resort Wide93Mouse Detectives15:3009:20
Resort Wide16Mad as a Hatter16:0009:22
Resort Wide126Sulley's Soldiers15:5709:31
Resort Wide50Steamheads15:4509:41
Resort Wide4415:3309:47
Resort Wide108The Unbuilt Attractions15:5809:47
Resort Wide131FORCES OF DISNEY15:4409:51
Resort Wide88mainstreetminiatures.com15:5709:52
Resort Wide416:0009:56
Resort Wide215:5810:12
Resort Wide19NIGHTMARE CREW15:5110:17
Resort Wide86The Scream Team16:0010:21
Resort Wide65Tower of Hair15:5810:42
Resort Wide112Team VMK16:0011:12
Resort Wide111Goofy & Stich Together at Last16:0011:42
Resort Wide10716:0012:00
Resort Wide115Mickey and Me15:5960:16
DCA Only95The Pillage People14:5803:07
DCA Only76Electric Barbarellas15:0803:26
DCA Only30Mickey's Marauders15:5004:04
DCA Only99Pixie Dust Darlings15:5104:14
DCA Only100Angel Fans15:2604:14
DCA Only135DF415:2704:16
DCA Only97Stitches VMK Tiki Terror15:4004:22
DCA Only133Australia Strategy15:5604:25
DCA Only74Skillz15:4504:30
DCA Only17The Foolish Mortals15:4604:32
DCA Only18Jumpin' Jellyfish!15:3604:35
DCA Only124Disney Dumpling Gang15:5304:38
DCA Only92Invasion of Piracy16:0004:39
DCA Only102Grim Grinning Ghosts15:5504:51
DCA Only8Just-4-Fun15:4304:56
DCA Only77Haunted Mansion Holly-Daze15:5604:57
DCA Only12The Parking Lot Memorial Society15:5505:02
DCA Only114Canal Cruisin' Cuties16:0005:07
DCA Only110We've got your laughin' place16:0005:13
DCA Only33The Beasts15:5005:22
DCA Only54King Julien and the Tigger Troup16:0005:22
DCA Only83Hanner Montaners15:5905:25
DCA Only10Playin' for Peanuts15:5705:26
DCA Only127Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins16:0005:26
DCA Only25Raiders of the Lost Park16:0005:33
DCA Only28Sorcerer's Apprentices15:5905:34
DCA Only43The Homestarmy15:5505:36
DCA Only4915:5005:38
DCA Only39Team Fastpass16:0005:42
DCA Only52Fantasmic Four16:0005:43
DCA Only7Pixie Chicks plus One15:5505:47
DCA Only96Mickey's Tiki Troupe15:4505:47
DCA Only134Of Mice and Women15:5205:51
DCA Only116Bagel With Nacho Cheese15:4605:52
DCA Only113A-Ticket16:0005:55
DCA Only3116:0005:58
DCA Only123The E Tickets15:5905:58
DCA Only515:5106:01
DCA Only56The Young and the Old15:5206:05
DCA Only62Snap Happy16:0006:07
DCA Only89Sneaksters, Inc.15:5706:07
DCA Only104Mickey Troopers15:4706:08
DCA Only130Dole Whipped15:4906:10
DCA Only98The Uncoordinated16:0006:12
DCA Only23Superfriends15:5906:13
DCA Only51Wills & Walls15:4506:14
DCA Only105Tinkerbell's Fairy Dusters15:5506:19
DCA Only55Churros15:5506:27
DCA Only13Caballeros15:5806:36
DCA Only21The Squishies15:5406:38
DCA Only122Golden Ears16:0006:44
DCA Only75Ventura Mouse Moms15:5806:45
DCA Only14Space Mountain Monkees15:5006:47
DCA Only117Mickey's Masterminds16:0006:52
DCA Only136The Tiki Room Mates16:0006:56
DCA Only53Code: Jennifer15:5706:59
DCA Only60Awkward Silence16:0007:06
DCA Only58Ishmael15:5307:09
DCA Only118Flying Sauce'ers16:0007:13
DCA Only34Beach Bums15:5607:24
DCA Only82AmeriMousekateers16:0007:24
DCA Only38Scream Team15:5307:31
DCA Only101RyMatt16:0007:31
DCA Only42Late Again16:0007:42
DCA Only106Meet At The Bakery16:0007:52
DCA Only59Anonymouse16:0008:00
DCA Only81Lucifer and Gus16:0008:00
DCA Only7016:0008:08
DCA Only36The Right Way, The Wrong way, or The Hemingway.16:0008:46