MouseAdventure Spring 2001

Final Results

DivisionTeam #Team NameTotal Score
Combined2The Denton Affair894
Combined42Kronk's Krushers853
Combined23More Mad Hatters787
Combined18The Two Geniuses737
Combined31The Baffled Bennetts713
Combined26Big Al's Posse711
Combined32Pluto's Pals699
Combined47Mice of Troy658
Combined22Mad Hatters650
Combined41The Goofy Group645
Combined45Team Smeed610
Combined5Neverland Safari607
Combined28Boeing Rocket Rangers604
Combined36The "Other" Dwarfs597
Combined24The Mighty Matterhorns495
Combined40Song of the South436
Combined33So. Cal. Surfin' Safari423
Quests Only14the-mouse.com822
Quests Only12Minnied Out759
Quests Only15Mickey's Marauders677
Quests Only30Ursula's Underlings660
Quests Only35Grim Grinnin' Ghosts625
Quests Only39618
Quests Only21Silly Symphony616
Quests Only46Lucky 5609
Quests Only3The Mighty, Mighty Mousetones608
Quests Only44584
Quests Only20Scaveng-EARS562
Quests Only9Vegas547
Quests Only7Mickey's Maniacs543.5
Quests Only29The Giggle Beasts513
Quests Only17Practically Perfect Minnies476
Quests Only6The Dizzy Crew411
Quests Only38Mulan's Wise Warriors386
Quests Only16Space Boys & Girls362
Quests Only13The Don't Know Alotters282