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When we received such a great response to Box 1, we knew we had to do another box this year, especially as closures of a lot of places we go to for fun continue for many people around the country. Based on feedback we received, we reduced the number of quests to make it more playable in a single focused day for our competitive teams. We still are learning as we continue to develop these play-at-home experiences, and hope that you enjoyed this box. Thank you all for your support!

Box Quests

Disneyland Double Down

This quest focused in on characters at Disneyland, and not just the ones that do meet and greets. All these characters had one thing in common: a double letter in their name. Clues hinted at the characters we were looking for, either by wording from a sign, dialogue from an attraction, or just a description.

The piece of material in the box was a copy of the Disneyland dedication plaque with some colored dots off to the side. Once teams had all of the characters identified, they used the double letter as the starting point to decode from the plaque text. A number next to each clue instructed whether to count backwards or forwards from the first instance of the letter from each name.

In addition to counting, teams had to keep track of the colors for each clue. The colored dots next to the plaque text were the key to order the letters from the plaque to spell out the final clue.

Clue Answers: Barbossa, Smee, Pinocchio, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Pierre, Redd, Buddy, Merryweather, Heffalump, Clarabelle, Woody, Tilly, Sneezy, Tigger, Caterpillar, Cyril Proudbottom, Mirror, Tweedledum, Rabbit, Hina Kuluua, Slue Foot Sue, Pecos Bill, Freddie

  • Final Clue: Alice ride arched cards suit
  • Final Answer: Clubs

Song Bleep

We couldn’t resist another audio quest. We like taking advantage of the technology we can’t normally use for our in-park games. For this quest, teams listened to sections of 16 tracks that had one word bleeped out. In the box was a card that contained a list of words that were almost the same as the bleeped word, but with one letter swapped out.

Identifying the swapped letter, and reading them in order (from track 1 to 16) spelled out the final clue. Some teams may have noticed the similarity among the tracks: all were written by Alan Menken, a recent EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) recipient. The answer to this quest is another person in the Disney family who is the only double EGOT winner.

  • Final Phrase: Double EGOT winner
  • Final Answer: Robert (or Bobby) Lopez

A common mistake was identifying the lyric from Home on the Range as “dark” instead of “darn.” There is at least one location online that has it incorrectly transcribed.

Roll the Dice

Lots of people like to say that story is what differentiates Disney theme parks. Sometimes that story is more apparent than others; sometimes it seems a bit of a stretch. Either way, this quest used parts of the backstory at different Disney locations as its core.

Teams answered multiple choice questions to determine what walls to draw on to the maze template that was included in their box. Once their walls were constructed, it was time to get rolling with the included colored die.

Rotating the die as they made their way through the maze, when a team came to a square with colored letters on it, they used the letter that corresponded to the color showing on the top of the die. Two of the spaces with letters were included as decoys. Once they passed all the way through, the final clue was revealed.

Clue Answers: Clara, Royal Anandapur Tea, Amelia Fulton, Hurricane Connie, Georgie MacGregor, Dewey Todd, Jr., Wilmington, Cameron O'Flage, The Pleasure Family Home

  • Final Clue: First Anandapur rajah
  • Final Answer: Bhima Disampati

The most common wrong answer was for clue H, which refers to a bar on Castaway Cay “opened” by Cam O’Flage, not Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs.

Horse of a Different Color

This quest required a little bit of horse sense. Based on jersey designs dreamed up by the Third Gate Games crew, teams identified each horse whose name was spoken in the appropriate film. Each answer space included a highlighted letter that directed teams what spaces to color in on the scoreboard.

The “glitchy scoreboard” was included in the box, along with a digital decoder that looked a lot like an old school calculator display. Once all the spaces were filled in, teams aligned the red or blue corner of the decoder to reveal the letter shape. We got a lot of questions from teams that didn’t understand that the decoder was revealing a shape, not showing the letters from the uncolored sections of the scoreboard. Letters were in both upper and lower case, owing to the limitations of the seven-segment display.

  • Final Phrase: Saratoga Turf Club ears jersey color
  • Final Answer: Pink

The difficulty of reading the letters may correspond to the age of people, and whether or not you used to try to spell words with your calculator in school. The most common mistake in clues was the name of the horse from The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Achilles is the only horse whose name is spoken by a character during the film.

Disney Movie Musicals: The Musical – The Quest

Disney on Broadway grew from the rich tradition of the animated musicals that came from Walt Disney Animation Studios, as well as some of Disney’s live action films. This quest tested teams’ knowledge of these theatrical productions as well as their source material; hopefully we made some theater kids happy with this one!

Teams had to identify if a statement corresponded to the film version, the theatrical version, or both. Depending on the result, they identified the seat where the letter was located on a map of the New Amsterdam theater that was included in the box.

Once all statements had been correctly identified, the three words of the clue were revealed by reading the circled letters on the seating chart in each of the three sections (orchestra, mezzanine, or balcony) from left to right.

  • Final Clue: Filmed inside Pantages
  • Final Answer: Newsies

A common mistake for this quest was not counting the seats in the balcony for row B. That row had a different number of seats, so the seat at the end of the row was not 116.


What can you say, Stitch has a lot of cousins and they’re a little weird. Who knew there were so many? Careful searching online would have yielded a single source that had all of Jumba’s experiments helpfully cataloged for you.

Teams used the three-digit experiment number to count (index) into each character’s common name, then grouped them by the color of the box for each digit. The card included in the box with colored bubbles showed the order of the colors. With a little unscrambling, the final clue was revealed.

  • Final Clue: Spray painted on the castle for Great Escape opening
  • Final Answer: Stitch is king!

Map Quest

The imagineers drew on a lot of real life reference material from southern California when designing the buildings for Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as the Hollywood Land and Buena Vista Street sections of Disney California Adventure. The final quest for Box 2 challenged teams to identify the address of these Los Angeles landmarks, some of which are still standing today, although most are not used for their original purpose. Thanks to several blog posts around the internet, these inspirations are well documented.

Teams located the pins on the included map of Los Angeles and connected them in order using the handy ruler, also provided. When properly drawn, each line crossed over a single set of numbers that when combined created a set of latitude and longitude coordinates. The correct answer was the structure at this location.

  • Final Coordinates: 48.867682, 02.780588
  • Final Answer: Earffel Tower

The Ten Wilshire address from DCA is actually not the theater, but another facade with a sign reading that address; it draws inspiration from the Beverly Wilshire.


You can access the leaderboards for the Competitive Division on its page. There is no leaderboard for the Own Your Own Time Division.

The fastest three teams were:

  1. Teamboat Willie - Seattle
  2. Midnight Madness Marauders
  3. 31Quarantikis

Thank You

Thank you for joining us on this new type of adventure.

If you enjoyed the event, please share with friends you think might like to play in the future. We are already working on the next box.

If you want any answers to specific pieces of data, or want to ask us more questions about the game, please post them in the forum.