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On March 6, 2022 we held our competitive day of our play-at-home MouseAdventure Box 6, themed to Frontierland. Finishing teams were ranked based on how quickly they finished, plus any added time for hints. Teams playing in the On Your Own Time division who have finished are listed on the finisher tab of the box page. A summary of the quests as well as the answers is below.

Box Quests

The Mark of Zorro

Z is for Zorro. Teams received a word search that contained titles from the 1950s television series Zorro. Unlike a standard word search, these titles were hidden in the shape of a Z, making the search a little more challenging than usual. Once all of the titles were located, the remaining letters spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Disney's Nineteen Fifty-Seven Zorro television series was based on the character created by Johnson McCulley and starred Guy Williams in the role of Don Diego de la Vega. It premiered October Tenth on the ABC Television Network and the final broadcast was on July Second in Nineteen Fifty-Nine with a total of seventy-eightepisodes proeudced. Another four hours were produced and aired between October Ninteen Sixty and April Nineteen Sixty-One. What is the name of the actor set to executive produce and star in a reimagined Zorro for Disney and is also the voice of Agustin Madrigal in Disney's Twenty Twenty-One movie Encanto which was directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard.
  • Final Answer: Wilmer Valderrama

Dash to the West

For this quest, teams were given a list of attractions found at various Frontierland, Westernland, and Grizzly Gulch areas at Disney Parks around the world. Based on their answers to the questions related to the attractions, teams filled in spaces on a Morse code strip with dots, dashes, and spaces.

Once complete, the Morse strip spelleed out a name related to a Frontierland area at one of the Disney Parks. Teams were asked to identify where they would have to travel to contact the person named. The final name is related to the Disneyland Paris' Frontierland.

  • Final Name: Ravenswood
  • Final Answer: Thunder Mesa

Hello Everybody

Kick up your heels, it's time for the Golden Horseshoe! For this quest, teams were supplied with a lucky wooden horseshoe to use as a decoder. First they answered questions about the Golden Horseshoe attraction, then used the indicated letter as the starting point to locate the horseshoe on the letter sheet.

Teams then rotated the horseshoe around the key letter until four letters appeared in the other holes on the horseshoe. Repeating the process for all the clues, and writing down all the letters spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Name of Walt's 30th anniversary party at Golden Horseshoe
  • Final Answer: Tempus Fugit Celebration

As Much As You Can Bear

Classic Walt Disney World attraction The Country Bear Jamboree was the focus of this quest. Teams were provided a diagram of the stage, with labeled areas representing the different stage areas where the characters appear. Since this game is played at home, teams had to locate a version of the show online, specific to the time from before it was shortened in 2012.

Snippets of dialogue from the show were provided that had to be put in order, and also linked to the area of the stage where they are spoken. Teams then selected letters from the column under the indicated stage area one at a time to spell out the final phrase.

  • Final Phrase: Originally planned for what location
  • Final Answer: Disney's Mineral King

The Country Bear Jamboree was originally designed to go into the Mineral King Ski Resort, which was the project Walt Disney was working on just before he passed away. The resort was never built, so the attraction made its debut on the Magic Kingdom's opening day in 1971.

Let's Go Camping

This quest featured a new-to-MouseAdventure mechanic, based on tents and trees puzzles. Each row and column has a number that indicates how many tents are in that row or column. Every tent is associated with one tree on the grid and tents cannot be placed next to one another.

In order to place the trees in the "forest" grid, teams were given various trivia questions related to the Junior Woodchucks, the scout troop that Donald Duck's nephews belong to. Correct answers were associated with grid coordinates where the various trees were placed.

Once all the trees were placed, teams used the placement rules for the tents to locate them on the grid. The letters on the grid beneath the trees and tents spelled out the final question when read from left to right, top to bottom.

  • Final Question: What is the name of the former restaurant at Camp Woodchuck Kitchen?
  • Final Answer: Lucky Nugget Cafe

If you haven't been to Tokyo DisneySea, make sure to put the Camp Woodchuck Kitchen on your list of locations to investigate on your visit. The food is pretty good, but the main attraction is the amazing detail throughout the dining area.

Ready, Aim, Draw!

The shooting gallery is a popular attraction at many Disney Parks, and this quest aimed to recreate that fun at home using trivia related to Disney live action Westerns. The answer to each question was a number, that was then used as the angle to aim the "shots" from different locations. Teams received a protractor in their box to help measure the angles. Items in between the shots and the targets caused the bullets to ricochet on their way to the end, where each shot intersected with a group of four letters.

The letters, when written consecutively (two on top and two below) spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Count straw bales in the Western scene in Great Movie Ride
  • Final Answer: Two

Stack Your Claim

We wish we could have sent every team a set of Lincoln Logs for this quest, but sadly that is out of our budget. Instead, teams were given sheets of paper to cut out their "logs" that they had to stack in a specific order to make a cabin for their Frontierland claim. Letters around the "notches" on each log had letters that combined to form words when logs were placed across one another.

All of the words on the logs related to different food locations at Frontierlands at Disney Parks. The words from each layer clued to a specific location, and the number of logs used to build the layer was the letter number from that location name that was used to spell out the final answer. When combined, the the final answer was another Frontierland food location (past or present).

  • Final Answer: Casa de Fritos


You can access the results pages for Box 6 on the Box page; you must be logged in and have access to Box 6 to view the results. Competitive teams that finished before the cutoff are listed on the Rankings tab. On Your Own Time teams as well as Competitive teams that finished after hints were added are listed on the Finishers tab.

The fastest three Competitive teams were:

Round 1
  1. Teamboat Willie
  2. Team 1060
  3. Yensid's Apprentices in Denver

Thank You

Thank you for joining us this our at-home MouseAdventure.

If you enjoyed the event, please share with friends you think might like to play in the future. We are already planning future boxes.

If you want any answers to specific pieces of data, or want to ask us more questions about the game, please post them in the forum.