Seven Orders for Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is trying to figure out the message they’ve left her, but keeping the seven dwarfs in order can be a challenge. Off to work we go…

First, separate the strips of paper along the dotted lines, one for each dwarf. Next, place the dwarfs in order according to the numbered situations below.

Write down the letters from the row corresponding to the number of the situation (first order uses first row, and so on) to spell out the question.

1  As they are identified by Snow White for the first time

2  As shown on the original US movie poster (left to right)

3  As they appear in Snow White’s Grotto (left to right, starting at the top)

4  As they appear at the foot of the bed when waiting for Snow White to wake up (left to right)

5  Order as they walk across the log in the Heigh-Ho Sing-along video (front to back)

6  As you pass them in the mine on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride

7  As they appear at the beginning of the 7D TV show opening titles (left to right)

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