MouseAdventure Winter 2000

Final Results

DivisionTeam #TeamTotal Score
Combined30Monica Vallejo, Mike Motoda, Harold Kim, Colin Totma938
Combined1Chelsie Coffman, Laurie Stevens, Mark Williams, Steve Zlick932
Combined27Alison Smith-Roe, Shelley Biermann, Bon Smith910
Combined31Rev and Kim Vandervort885
Combined11Jim and Colleen Bennett839
Combined7Kendra and Russell Trahan818
Combined26Kevin Krock, Casey, Sue Kruse, Todd Parker (MP Team)780
Combined32Michelle Smith, Dante, Alice (MP Team)778
Combined20Michael Libby, Dan Barcay, Brad A., Joey757
Combined23Seth Mendelsohn, Dan Sass727
Combined28Rich and Rob Biermann-Smith725
Combined6Karin Hubbard, Kenji Luster, Kristen & Dave Ziegler679
Combined29Marcella Cervon, Andy Garfield, Damon Tripoldi648
Combined10Jeff Medeiros, Veronica Urquizo623
Combined24James Cochrane, Ginny Striewig, Rhonda Wieditz, Stewart Hall573
Combined16Cindy and Bev Herren557
Combined19Robert and Rebecca Kaufman405
Combined35(late addition, please submit your names)384
Combined34Matt, Rose and Cindy281
Combined25Marc and Cherain Smith279
Quests Only12Joe Stevano, Amanda Smith, David Perry1029
Quests Only4Mike Munoz, Carmela Rossi-Lane, Jeff Lane, Peggy Steenbergh920
Quests Only8Sue Branin, Susan Petty, Mary Villanueva865
Quests Only15Hitomi Nimura, Rosanne Chen, Christine Whang, Vanessa Vacca745
Quests Only13Laurie Patalano, Devin Crawford, Andy & Danny Bell713
Quests Only17Leon & Linda Weir, Lynn Gill, Debbie White702
Quests Only9David & Nick Radke, Penny Lipinski, Richard Faulk695
Quests Only33(late addition, please submit your names)646
Quests Only21James and Diane Alexander635
Quests Only5Beth & Tracy Screeton, Tom Heaton610
Quests Only2Don Garrison, Monica Jack570
Quests Only3Bob & Daniel Reynolds, Robert Niles515
Quests Only14Michael, Annette, Rose, and Alfred Montanez452
Quests Only22Jewel, Katie and Patrick (MousePlanet Team)378