MouseAdventure Winter 2000

Kevin Yee and the MousePlanet staff would like to thank all 36 teams and over a hundred participants in this winter’s MouseAdventure! It was our biggest event yet, and thanks to a change in weather, much more fun for everyone involved.

Everyone geared up to go at Carnation Plaza Gardens.  Event leader and organizer Kevin Yee briefed the team leaders as to the rules for the day.  Diligent team leaders worked hard to make sure their teams are ready to go.

At the end of the event, everyone returned to home base to make sure their entries are in to be graded.

Many prizes assembled for the event by various organizers and MouseShoppe – including copies of Mumford & Gordon’s Nickel Tour and Walt’s Time – and autographed copies of David Koenig’s Mouse Tales and More Mouse Tales.  Other collectibles to be won included out of print Disney tomes and souvenir guides, including a copy of the Golden Book, Little Man of Disneyland.

December 10, 2000


  • Scavenger Hunt Only
  • Combined with Trivia

Winners – Scavenger Hunt Only

  2. The Boeing Rocket Rangers
  3. The Marysues

Winners – Combined

  1. Team 30
  2. The Denton Affair
  3. Team 27