MouseAdventure Card Games Deuces Wild

Final Results

DivisionTeam #Team NameFamilyTotal Score
Advanced904Scrooge's Shadows1396
Advanced911The ImaginEars1388
Advanced913Lite Magic1383
Advanced903the no name gang.1193
Advanced905Naboombu All-Stars1156
Advanced917YM's Majesty1147
Advanced909Oswald Returns1082
Advanced920We Had Drinks1061
Advanced918Team Plutonium1015
Advanced906Team Catface Meowmers985
Advanced915San Diego Mouse Catchers970
Advanced908Upside Down Cakes963
Advanced926The other mice914
Advanced928Nightmare Fantasmic911
Advanced930Rescue Rangers884
Advanced919Bibbidy Bobbidy Bleep!881
Advanced927Gru and the Minions872
Advanced923Culturally Diverse814
Advanced912YenSid's Apprentices813
Advanced922Knights Of Combustion809
Advanced924It's Going to Be Legen - wait for it - dary!776
Advanced925Aurora and Stitch736
Advanced910Grim Grinning Gals595
Advanced907Lady's Tramps564
Advanced921Unlikely Pair340
Advanced916Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc40
Basic17Goof! There it Is!1319
Basic63Disney MountainEars1214
Basic2Once Upon A Dream1207
Basic94Perceptive Plaids1150
Basic142Lost Falls Expedition - New Blood1053
Basic35All 4 Mickey1044
Basic120Household Objects1007
Basic8Teamboat Willie998
Basic136Squirrel Squad990
Basic6Frank 'n Weenies967
Basic15Pizza Planeteers953
Basic64Dealing Divas908
Basic75Smoke Tree Ranchers907
Basic144Tiki Tumblers894
Basic97Dapper Daniels889
Basic34Cute and Fluffy!Family885
Basic113I Know a Man With a Wooden Leg Named Smith881
Basic50Agents P879
Basic7The Happy Hobbits873
Basic176Wild Cards867
Basic31Runaway Brains862
Basic79Permanecer Sentados Por Favor858
Basic23Team Happy Place847
Basic54Trader Sam's Head Sales Team845
Basic102What Are The Odds839
Basic19Club 34Family827
Basic1What the Deuce?!!?!824
Basic131Just Keep Swimming819
Basic109Three Kings811
Basic128Poor Unfortunate Souls810
Basic130The Fantasians805
Basic132Zippity Doo Dahs804
Basic24Flight of the Navigators794
Basic36It seemed like a good idea at the time773
Basic96Hakuna Matata767
Basic47Skippers in De Nile763
Basic43The Grownups750
Basic77Tangaroa-Ru Crew742
Basic25Tomorrow's News739
Basic143The Fuzzballs733
Basic56Aces & Eights725
Basic112Fast Track720
Basic121Bloomin' By You718
Basic22Team Gosser712
Basic80Team Black Again709
Basic150Green Boa Divas708
Basic191King Louie's Monkey Mafia704
Basic28Carnation Plaza Swing Brigade702
Basic98Ancient Cambodian Shriners700
Basic62Sorcerer's Apprentices688
Basic146Electric Barbarellas688
Basic44Merry Poppies!685
Basic74Divas in Wonderland682
Basic194Fantasyland Fangirls674
Basic107Hit It Skip671
Basic67Prince Charming and the Cinderpellas670
Basic106Wahine a me KeonimanaFamily670
Basic170Goofy GoodwinsFamily668
Basic13Yo Ho'sFamily657
Basic39Dragon in Distress654
Basic163The 4 G's654
Basic92One Legged Turkeys653
Basic66Poppins Penguins640
Basic104Dazzling Divas640
Basic159The Peanut Gallery639
Basic117Mickey & The Chews635
Basic100Space Mountain Junkies634
Basic153Pix Fam633
Basic148Soot Sprites627
Basic52Fantasmic Four!621
Basic86What happens in MouseAdventures, Stays in MouseAdventures621
Basic89Team Awesome 🙂621
Basic70The Lost Adults616
Basic42Emperor's New Crew614
Basic9Radiator Springs Racers613
Basic177Rainbow Ridge Rideers of AnaheimFamily612
Basic333 Ladies and No Tramp608
Basic30Disney Dreamers606
Basic21We miss the picnic area600
Basic105Mouse Lovin' Mommas599
Basic45Keyblade MasterS597
Basic57Mostly Graceful Mouseketeers597
Basic60Kids of the Kingdom597
Basic127Catch A Clue591
Basic51THE BEETSFamily590
Basic90Deal Us In!588
Basic110M&M InvestigatEARS584
Basic87The Spoons Full of Sugar575
Basic76Peace, Love, Mickey574
Basic26Mr. Toad's Defense Team572
Basic61Les Elastigirls: aka Les Meres Indestructibles571
Basic99DL Cattle Co.570
Basic174The Goofballs570
Basic122Tink and the Lost Boys569
Basic82Dynamite Divas567
Basic14WikiWiki Mickey559
Basic141Dare To Fly557
Basic168The Fab 4541
Basic18Beware the GrooveFamily539
Basic129Three caballeros532
Basic55Mouse Troopers527
Basic116Emily's Adventure519
Basic73Mickey and Me515
Basic108Scouts Honor515
Basic135Jungle Cruisers514
Basic123Team Lost504
Basic188Team Powerline501
Basic190Dory's Explorers501
Basic93Beauties and the Beast498
Basic138Mickey's MeeplesFamily497
Basic185Clue Runners495
Basic69Minnie Lovin' Mammas493
Basic59Team Venture491
Basic160The Eyes of MaraFamily488
Basic91Team Crush484
Basic140Mine Mine Mine!484
Basic37Gidget & Moondoggie476
Basic1642 Bad Apples476
Basic29Mortimer's Revenge468
Basic88The Hogwarts Rejects467
Basic95The Rad Tea Party464
Basic5Rescue Rangers463
Basic101Bibbidi Bobbidi Boom462
Basic118Pixie Dusters455
Basic161Goofy Gals454
Basic151Red Car Trolley Dodgers453
Basic179Potato HeadsFamily438
Basic40The Tiny Giants433
Basic1812319! We have a 2319!Family428
Basic48Practically Perfect in Every Way427
Basic65Team Canaduck424
Basic12The Innovate-earsFamily423
Basic46Three Blind Mice423
Basic125Tough Luck417
Basic83Tigger on the Prowl408
Basic84Bear Necessities401
Basic171Experiment 626395
Basic85ROYAL Flush390
Basic20We Could Have Had a Monorail385
Basic71Troublesome Adventures375
Basic111It's a Family Thing375
Basic41Jiminy's Crickets353
Basic1572 Beauties and 2 Beasts347
Basic119The Untrodden Disney Swashbucklers327
Basic32Heffalumps and Woozles313
Basic178Hidden Mickeys299
Basic180Tow Maters294
Basic78Oogie Boogies Hand287
Basic58Slow Motion279
Basic175Goofy's GangFamily278
Basic155Bibbity Bobbity BabesFamily261
Basic165Two (out of four) of a kind261
Basic27The Rescue Aid Society258
Basic169HONNY POTS234
Basic162Our Team Smells Better Than Reindeer220
Basic11High Four!216
Basic115The Incredibles195
Basic154Team JenksFamily169
Basic124Storming the Castle165
Basic72Oozma Kappa160
Basic166Pixie Power160
Basic1724 Minnie Divas100
Basic133The Bermuda Triangle90
Basic68The Fantasmic! Four72
Basic184The Goof Offs40
Basic156Echo 7Family20
Basic145Tinker Pan0
Basic147club 550
Basic158Team Satellite of Love0
Basic167Toy Story ManiacsFamily0
Basic183the happy mountainsFamily0
Masters901New Orleans Squares1597
Masters902Simba's Pride1462