MouseAdventure Card Games

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. — Voltaire

After an absence of over five years, veteran MouseAdventure writer/producer Alex Stroup returned with an entirely new concept: MouseAdventure Card Games. Alex had been chiefly responsible for writing and running MouseAdventure from soon after its beginnings back in the dim mists of prehistory (early 2000s), and while we missed him during his time away, this new offering from the creator of the Mad Scramble and PhotoAdventure was well worth the wait.

Rather than the usual collection of eight to twelve complex, multi-step quests, Card Games presented teams with 40 (comparatively) small and easy tasks, which when completed could be exchanged for 12 more difficult ones. Using the “deck of cards” metaphor, there were four sets of 13 quests: Ace through 10 and three face cards in four suits. Teams in the Advanced division had a few trickier quests in the numbered deck, plus a potential trip across the Esplanade to Disney California Adventure. At the Day in the Park event, teams did three of the four suits and were given the fourth later on to do on their own if desired.

To pick up face card quests, teams in the Basic and Advanced divisions had to correctly answer the numbered card quests: Ace, Two and Three for the Jack; Four, Five, and Six for the Queen; and Seven, Eight, Nine and 10 for the King. If a team could not (or did not want to) complete a numbered card quest, they could pass on it and receive the matching face card, forfeiting the opportunity answer (and get points) for the numbered card quest. Teams playing at the Day at the Park received the Jack, Queen and King quests upon completing (or passing) any one set of qualifying numbered quest cards.

The first event, held on March 11, 2012, ran quite smoothly overall. The weather cooperated, there were no “incidents” in the Resort, and Tom Sawyer Island remained open all day. Even Disneyland’s (in)famous overnight construction walls stayed away, and aside from the items listed on the errata sheet given to teams with their welcome packet, there were no changes or closures that affected quests during the day. Based on the success and popularity of the official question and answer session last fall at the MouseAdventure Zone, we scheduled time with Alex and Joe in the ballroom to answer player questions before the results were announced.

At the Day in the Park, on March 25, we spent more time in the ballroom in the morning welcome session since there would be no evening gathering. With a new and rather complex game structure, we took extra time to make sure these teams understood how the quests and operation of the event would work. Weather forecasts leading up to the event showed that rain was expected, and indeed the rain began to fall in the early afternoon. We hadn’t had rain on MouseAdventure since Reindeer (or “Rain Gear”) Games back in December 2009, but teams and staff took it well in stride. We had contingency plans for moving the outdoor stations, and the non-competitive nature of the Day at the Park event meant that some weather-related attraction and area closures had less impact than they might have had.

As with past MouseAdventure events, event participants were offered an opportunity to donate to charity, with the recipient this time being Children’s Hospital of Orange County. For a minimum donation of $10, donors could choose between a MouseAdventure logo-embroidered ball cap, or an unopened deck of MouseAdventure Card Games cards. Between donations from both events, donors raised a whopping $2,060 to CHOC.

Now, get your best poker face on; here comes the recap!


Quests were divided into four suits, like a regular deck of cards—but these suits were themed appropriately to the areas in which their quests were found. The four suits were Bears, Crowns, Rockets, and Stars. Each suit was made up of 10 numbered cards (Ace through 10) and three face cards (Jack, Queen, and King). To obtain the face card quests, teams would have to solve (or at least attempt to solve) the numbered quests first. The Jack quest of each suit was a more difficult, more typical MouseAdventure quest; the Queen was a “physical challenge” and the King was a park-wide quest. To start the game the teams were released from the ballroom by suit, beginning with teams with the longest distance to walk to their first suit station.


The Bears suit station was located in the seating area of the Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland, with quests spanning Frontierland, New Orleans Square, and Critter Country, plus a side trip to Tom Sawyer Island. On the very rainy Day at the Park two weeks later, we moved the Bears station to Rancho del Zocalo.

Ace of Bears (20 points)
Find the fireworks above the Shooting Gallery and answer the question on the card that corresponds to the color of firework (based on the color of the cone) seen five times.

There were three questions on the card: yellow, red and blue. Since there are five red fireworks above the Shooting Gallery, teams were to answer the red question: Get a drink of water in New Orleans Square while observing a deer hunt. How many painted tiles are there?

Some teams read too much into this. There are only two drinking fountains in New Orleans Square, and one of them (located near the perfume shop) is in front of a painted tile mural depicting a deer hunt.

  • Answer: 24

Two of Bears (20 points)
Disney employs many fine artists, some of whom are demonstrating their skills in New Orleans Square. On the card, you can see eight people who have sat for their work. Unfortunately, we got some of their names wrong. To solve this card, just let us know how many of these people have their correct names listed.

The card showed eight of the portraits by the New Orleans Square caricature artists. However, two of the portraits included two people; many teams initially answered 3 because neither of those had both names spelled correctly, but we asked for the total number of people with correctly-spelled names. Another of the portraits featured an artistic flourish on an “S” that made it look like a “Z”; we advised teams that this particular name was spelled correctly even if it appeared otherwise.

  • Answer: 5

Three of Bears (20 points)
In New Orleans Square, find the window where you can find what is shown here (the card pictured a rather creepy looking doll wearing a crown and a costume nose). In that window you will also find all but one of the books shown on the card. Which book is not there?

There were seven books shown on the card; all but one could be found in the window, which was located next to the Club 33 door in New Orleans Square.

  • Answer: The Newcomes

Four of Bears (20 points)
Basic – If, in 1831, Captain George Driver was the first to call the flag “Old Glory,” answer the green question. Otherwise, answer the purple question.
Advanced – If, in 1831, Captain George Driver was the first to call the flag “Old Glory,” answer the purple question. Otherwise, answer both questions.
The card had two questions, one colored green and the other purple:

When washing up after some BBQ, you learn that Quilted Northern is 100% free of what?

Who is man’s noblest companion?

Captain Driver was indeed the first to call the flag “Old Glory” (a fact which can be found on a placard in front of the Mark Twain / Columbia dock), so Basic teams answered the green question and Advanced teams answered both.

  • Answers: Splinters, Horse

Five of Bears (20 points)
Basic – Find the answer to the question on your card in Critter Country.
Advanced – All you need to do is answer the question on the card.
The card asked: What are the good times always doing?

The answer can be found painted on two ceiling beams in the Hungry Bear restaurant.

  • Answer: A Bruin

Six of Bears (20 points)
To solve this puzzle, you must figure out where each letter should be placed in the column below it. There are blank spaces between each word.

This was a word puzzle where letters were stacked, in random order, above blank spaces. The challenge was to place those letters correctly into those blank spaces to form a question, which asked in what year Laod Bhang Fireworks was founded. The answer can be found on a painted mural next to Stage Door Cafe.

  • Answer: 1845

Seven of Bears (20 points)
You’d think that characters from the imagination of a writer would be able to spell better than they do. Well, Professor Barnaby Owl is an educated bird, and he has finally reached his last feather. He sent a sternly worded memo to Walt Disney Imagineering demanding that they fix several misspellings and grammatical errors in Critter Country. He expects them to see to this promptly. So, before WDI cleans up the signage of Critter Country, can you identify which of the copy edits listed on your card is not actually to be found in that land? Turns out that educated owls aren’t perfect either.

The card showed six words or phrases which might be found around Critter Country. All but one were printed as they actually appeared, and were marked up (ostensibly by Prof. Owl). The other was not physically to be found in the area, and it was that one that teams needed to identify.

  • Answer: Tigger’s Howse

Eight of Bears (20 points)
The card has your question on it, but as you can see, it is in code. You might be able to decode it with brute force, but here’s some help:

It is a simple offset code where each letter shown needs to be shifted to the left or the right within the alphabet by the number of letters equal to the answer to the 2 of Bears card. So, for example, if the answer to the 2 of Bears is 10, then an N on this card could either be an X (10 letters to the right) or a D (10 letters to the left). Be aware that the code is not consistent in shifting to the left or right, and it could change with each letter. Decoding this will reveal the question you need to answer.

This quest first required that teams answer the Two of Bears correctly, then follow the decoding instructions. A helpful grid was provided to assist in building the possible encoded alphabets.

  • Question: How many life preservers on exterior railings of the Mark Twain?
  • Answer: 14 (six on each side, one on the bow, one on the stern)

Nine of Bears (20 points)
In MouseAdventure parlance, we like to call this an Evil Paragraph puzzle. You need to find a sign with a big block of text somewhere in the area of Big Thunder Ranch, then find the specific letters on that sign using the code on the card. The first number in a trio is the row of text, counted from the top of the sign. The second number is the word on that line, and the third number is the letter within that word. When done, you’ll have a collection of letters that unscramble to a map-listed location. So don’t be a turkey and name that location exactly as given on the map.

The sign in question is the one at the “Happiest Turkeys on Earth” pen outside Big Thunder Ranch.

  • Answer: Blue Bayou Restaurant

10 of Bears (20 points)
You’re going to have to aim high for this game! Go to the shooting gallery and learn what you can about Nancy’s Dan. Take that phrase and, as you read it, remove the first instance of each letter from the grid on the card. When done, the remaining letters will reveal a question.

To complete this quest, teams needed to see the full epitaph on Dan’s tombstone in the Shooting Gallery, most of which is hidden until a specific target is hit. Some teams elected to spend $.50 to try their luck, while others waited for day guests to (hopefully) hit the target. We heard later that one young guest, having figured out what the teams were looking for, was helping them out by repeatedly shooting that particular target.

  • Question: How many feathers on the head of the Indian next to the Shooting Exposition?
  • Answer: 19

Jack of Bears (60 points)
When the Ace, Two and Three quests were correctly answered, teams received the Jack quest. The Jack of Bears quest involved transparencies on which were drawn the paths followed by ride vehicles on various Disneyland attractions. When overlaid on a grid of numbers and letters, highlighted spaces (read in the direction the ride vehicle would travel) revealed a portion of the task to be completed: draw Winnie the Pooh.

  • Answer: Any drawing recognizably like Winnie the Pooh, drawn on the answer card.

Queen of Bears (60 points)
When teams correctly answered the Four, Five and Six of Bears, they received the Queen quest. The Queens were all “physical challenges” and for Bears, that meant a game of Disney character Charades across the Rivers of America. Part of each team stayed on land while the rest took the raft over to Tom Sawyer Island bearing a card which listed the characters to be acted out. Players on the Island then tried their mightiest to get their compatriots on land to correctly identify the characters. To fully appreciate this quest, you should probably watch the video below.
For the Day at the Park, after Tom Sawyer Island was closed due to the rainy weather, the Queen of Bears activity was moved to the lower level of the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

King of Bears (80 points)
What would a MouseAdventure written by Alex be without a “confetti quest”? Teams answered several questions and fit matching tile shapes to a set of provided crossword-like grids. Using a safety pin, a pencil or whatever else they might have handy, they scored along selected lines to cut and fold sections of paper, revealing other letters below. When the grids were stacked and folded correctly, the revealed letters formed a question to be answered. Teams picked up this quest after answering the Seven, Eight, Nine and 10 of Bears.

  • Question: Where is Beckett & Paige Mercantile and when was it founded?
  • Answer: Natchez, MS, 1883

Teams who competed in last year’s MouseAdventure Luau had the advantage of (hopefully) remembering where the Beckett & Paige Mercantile crate was to be found: on the Mark Twain dock.


The Crowns station was at Troubador Tavern – the snack bar near the Princess Fantasy Faire – and Crowns quests were located in Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown.

Ace of Crowns (20 points)
Find the answer to the question on your card. The card read: What is the text of the license plate of the car that Roger Rabbit crashed into the Toowntown fountain?

  • Answer: RRABBIT

Two of Crowns (20 points)
Look closely at the 2 of Crowns… are you feeling sleepy? Well, after you finish your nap, all you need to do is figure out how many circles are created by the little squares on the card and then answer the question below that corresponds to that number… you are feeling sleeping…very sleepy…
There are four circles, though it may be difficult to see, and so the question to be answered was:

When standing between Monorail pylons #216 and #217, what visible resort attraction is farthest away?

  • Answer: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Three of Crowns (20 points)
Find the windows in Fantasyland with several shields on display. Determine which of the three shield designs shown on the card is not found in those windows.

The card showed three royal crest or shield designs.

  • Answer: A

Four of Crowns (20 points)
The four characters pictured on the card drove to Disneyland from a land far, far away. It was a pretty long trip and the first thing they wanted to do was ride Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Immediately on getting into the park, they headed straight for Toontown. Royalty, however, are still people, and they each quickly realized that after such a long drive, they would all need to use a restroom before getting to Toontown. But while they are people too, they aren’t normal people and each insisted on using only the restroom in the park labeled for their royal position. That meant one of them had to wait the longest, even if it wasn’t by very long. What was the label on that last restroom reached?

On the card were pictured Princess Aurora, the Evil Queen, Prince Charming and King Hubert.

  • Answer: Princess

Five of Crowns (20 points)
Go to the location closest to the Matterhorn loading area where you can find the images on the card. You’ll notice that we’ve rearranged some of them. Identify the ones still in their correct spots within the overall image, and use the names for those face paint designs as the list for the word find above. When you’ve completed this, rearrange the unused letters in the grid to form an appropriate phrase.

The card contained fifteen pictures of children with their faces painted; the location was therefore the face-painting booth near the Matterhorn. Letters remaining in the word-find spelled out the name of the location.

  • Answer: Fairytale Arts

Six of Crowns (20 points)
On your card, you see 12 little squares. Redraw those squares into the correct location of the grid below to reveal something you can then go and find. While you’re standing there, look at the nearest weather vane for the answer to the question: What is that weather vane a representation of?

The card had a picture broken up into twelve numbered parts. When the picture was reassembled, it showed the Pinocchio stained glass at the Village Haus entrance.

  • Answer: Rooster

Seven of Crowns (20 points)
Did you know there are three characters in Toontown who sell food? The one who sells closest to Toontown City Hall got so annoyed at all the noise Scrooge McDuck was making when swimming through his “investment counseling” riches, that the character decided to take the day off and play tourist. Solving the maze will reveal the rather circuitous route taken through Toontown. Enter the maze at the top and exit from the bottom in the shortest route possible. Who was that character, and which Toontown attraction was the fourth one visited?

On the card was a maze of twisty little passages (all alike) with numbers representing the Toontown attractions on the Disneyland park map.

  • Answers: Clarabelle Cow, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

Eight of Crowns (20 points)
All you need to do is provide the type of the three animals that answer the question on the card. The question on the card: Other than elephants, what types of animals are part of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction?

  • Answer: Stork, Mouse, rodent of some sort

(Obviously we allowed some wiggle room with the exact type of animal; if we could tell you knew what you were looking at, you got credit.)

Nine of Crowns (20 points)
Factory tours are always kind of fun; just ask your kids how much they love giving up the video games and spending a day with mom and dad seeing how cardboard boxes are made. If you go to the Gag Factory in Toontown, you can watch the production line as gags are produced. Which of the gags listed on your card are produced most often in a single cycle of that line?

The card listed six items which can be seen in the Gag Factory “production line”.

  • Answer: Mousetrap

10 of Crowns (20 points)
Starting at the W and finishing at the question mark, wind your way through the grid to reveal the question to be answered.

A nine-by-nine grid of letters provided the quest, with each letter being used once and only once.

  • Question: When you first get to Pleasure Island on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey what is the Carousel made out of?
  • Answer: Candy

Jack of Crowns (60 points)
Teams returned to the Crowns station with answers to the Ace, Two and Three of Crowns to pick up the Jack.

Most people think the Toontown population sign is nonsense, but that’s not true. It’s actually cleverly encoded information using a special nonsense code that only makes sense to happy Toons, so encoding it keeps Judge Doom from knowing just how many Toons are in Toontown.

With this introduction, teams embarked on what amounted to a mini-MouseAdventure; tracking down signs, symbols and various items in Mickey’s Toontown and correlating them to decoding rules given in the quest. The final answer was supposedly the population of Toontown.

  • Answer: (C) 934,577,248

Queen of Crowns (60 points)
After completing the Four, Five and Six of Crowns, teams obtained the Queen quest, another “physical challenge”.

This will be a test of your memory. We hope you’re aware of the Goofy Water available in Toontown.

Teams went to the Goofy Water dispenser in Toontown and attempted to memorize the order in which the water comes out. One member of each team then tried their best to recite, by memory and in order, to a MouseAdventure staff member in Toon Park.
King of Crowns (80 points)
With the Seven, Eight, Nine and 10 of Crowns complete, teams picked up the King of Crowns quest.

A little-known debate in the history of clock design is over how to show the number four on the face of the clock. Some people like the simple “4,” some others felt old-fashioned and went with “IV.” Even others like to push Roman numerals to the limit and used “IIII,” and another crowd was heard to say, “Really, how hard is it to know where the four goes, why do we need a label?”

After finding seven distinctive clocks from all around Disneyland, teams looked carefully at how the number four was depicted in order to follow specific instructions on how to fill in letters in a large clock-shaped grid. The completed grid could be read starting at the outside of the twelve o’clock position, forming a question to be answered.

  • Question: In how many languages are park maps available?
  • Answer: 9 (German, French, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, English)


The Rockets suit station was at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe with quests spanning Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Main Street, USA.

Ace of Rockets (20 points)
The Ace had two questions:

  • How many Spirits of Imagination are shown?
  • How many Spirits of Inspiration are shown?
  • Basic – Here’s an easy one! Simply visit the Opera House and answer the questions shown on the card. Add the two numbers together, and that is your final answer.
  • Advanced – Here’s an easy one! Answer both of these somewhere on Main Street:
    • If there are more Spirits of Imagination than Spirits of Inspiration: In what county was Abraham Lincoln born?
    • If there are more Spirits of Inspiration than Spirits of Imagination: In what year did Steve Martin begin working at Disneyland?
  • Basic Answer: 12
  • Advanced Answer: Harden County

Two of Rockets (20 points)
Umbrellas are nice for shade, but Disneyland also uses them to subtly separate areas of the park and indicate purposes for those area. Starting with Corner Cafe and then around the Central Plaza hub back to Main Street Photo Supply, count the number of umbrellas for each color (if not a solid color use the dominant color). Count both pink and burgundy umbrellas as red. Don’t forget the inside of the hub. Do not count umbrellas inside the fences of Jolly Holiday, Plaza Inn, or Plaza Garden. Once done, answer the question on the that correlates to the most common color of umbrella.

There are more blue umbrellas than any other color, so teams would try to answer this question: Who is providing a service upstairs from the Disneyland Mail Box in Adventureland?

  • Answer: Prof. Harper Goff

Three of Rockets (20 points)
Assuming the company listed on the card opened on January 1, how many full years old was it when the ticket agent’s office received the issue of National Geographic pictured?

The card showed an old National Geographic magazine cover and the company name “Jungle Navigation Co, Ltd.” The magazine can be found in the ticket office outside the Jungle Cruise. The establishment date of the “Jungle Navigation Co, Ltd.” appears in a mural at the entrance to the ride.

  • Answer: 27

Four of Rockets (20 points)
Disney sure does love its corporate partnerships. Which of the logos on the card is not one of the sponsors presented just inside the upstairs entrance to Innoventions? On the card are the corporate logos of several companies.

  • Answer: Siemens

Five of Rockets (20 points)

Sometimes sound is just as important to theming as sight. Which of the businesses listed on the card does not have an audio track associated with it?

The card listed four company names which can be found on windows above East Center Street (near the Market House and lockers).

  • Answer: Meteor Cycle Co.

Six of Rockets (20 points)
Just because Jane ended up with an Ape Man doesn’t mean she had to give up the life of an intellectual. The jungle provides plenty of plant-watching opportunity (perfect for those who find bird watching just a bit too exciting). On the card, you can see some of her plant sketches. She’s drawn plenty of plants, but not all of them thrive in captivity—so only one of those shown is actually in her personal garden. Which one is it?

On the card were sketches of six herbs as shown in the exit area of Tarzan’s Treehouse. Teams were warned not to enter through the exit (absent a valid access reason).

  • Answer: crassula ovata

Seven of Rockets (20 points)
Which of the shapes shown on the card is associated with a Main Street storefront that regular park guests cannot actually enter? Ignore any current store closures and construction walls.

  • Answer: D

Eight of Rockets (20 points)
Simply provide the name of the company mentioned on the card. The card read: Visit Star Traders and discover what company has a slogan of “Take me to your leader.” Teams were advised that it was okay to go inside Star Traders.

  • Answer: Lunar Leader’s Limo

Nine of Rockets (20 points)
The Disney characters like to get together whenever they can, but they’re creatures of habit and whenever they do, they seem to have a rigid social structure and always seem to group up in the same ways. On the card, you can see one such gathering with everybody in their standard spot… except it isn’t quite right. Great shockwaves went through the social scene recently when two of these characters switched places, resulting in the order seen on the card. Which two was it?

The positions of the characters correspond to the mini-statues surrounding the Walt Disney “Partners” statue in the Hub.

  • Answer: White Rabbit and Pinocchio

10 of Rockets (20 points)
Fit the blocks of letters on the card into the grid above to reveal a question for you to answer. When you see your question, answer it without actually entering the location involved.

The card showed Tetris-like blocks of letters and blank spaces. When fit together properly into the provided grid, they formed a question.

  • Question: What is the longest dish by letters served at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port?
  • Answer: Celestial Chicken Caesar Salad

Jack of Rockets (60 points)
Upon returning to the Rockets station with the Ace, Two and Three complete, teams received the Jack of Rockets quest. Using the words printed on a valid FastPass for Star Tours, teams solved a fill-it-in puzzle, crossing off each pre-indicated letter until the remaining letters formed a question.

  • Question: How old will the Saturday Evening Post in the Disney Gallery exhibit be when the Time Castle is opened?
  • Answer: 78 years, 8 months, 0 days

The Time Castle is buried in the forecourt in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and a plaque notes the Castle will be opened on July 17, 2055; the magazine in the Gallery is dated November 11, 1956.

Queen of Rockets (60 points)
The physical challenge for the Rockets suit, which teams obtained by completing the Four, Five and Six of Rockets, was a variation on the classic “Find a staff member” quest. This time, instead of a chicken hat, the staff member to be found was wearing the same shirt, hat and pin as another staff member to whom teams were directed, and would be located on any of the Main Street vehicles. Teams were prohibited from riding any of the Main Street vehicles, so would have to locate the target staff member and wait for him/her to complete their ride.

King of Rockets (80 points)
A complex “letter math” puzzle formed the King quest (the reward for solving the Seven, Eight, Nine and 10 of Rockets). Teams answered nine questions, which could all be found in the Main Street area, and followed instructions to add and subtract letter values from their answers to form two names. The quest asked where the owners of those names might be found when they aren’t working.

  • Question: BESS JESS
  • Answer: Disneyland Fire Department


The Stars suit station was in MouseAdventure’s old haunt, the Disneyland Resort Picnic area. Quests in this suit covered Downtown Disney, the Esplanade and the Resort bus and shuttle area. For teams in the Advanced division, quests in Disney California Adventure were also included in the Stars suit. Stars quests were not used at the Day in the Park event, but we gave the quest packet to those teams to complete on their on later if they desired.

Ace of Stars (20 points)
Find the answer to the question on your card. The card read: What is being advertised on the middle billboard on Stage 17? While Stage 17 is inside DCA, the billboard is only visible from outside the park, from the bus/shuttle area.

  • Answer: The Middle

Two of Stars (20 points)
Basic – It’s a little-known fact that since the Muppets became tied to Disney, the Swedish Chef has been visiting the park a lot to see old friends. He’s also been trying to broaden his culinary horizons. He’s learned that his favorite place to stop for lunch is Jazz Kitchen Express, and now he’s trying to find the perfect lunch. Starting today, if he eats one lunch every day, consisting of one of the Sweet Snowball flavors listed outside, an item from the Sidekicks menu, and one of the $7.99 “N’awlins Favorites,” when will the Swedish Chef have tried every possible combination and finally know for sure which is best?

Advanced – It’s a little-known fact that since the Muppets became tied to Disney, Cookie Monster has been visiting the park a lot to see old friends. He’s also been trying to broaden his culinary horizons. He’s learned that his favorite place eat is in the Pacific Wharf area of DCA, and now he’s trying to find the perfect lunch. Starting today, if he eats one lunch every day, either eating at Lucky Fortune Cookery or Cocina Cucamonga, when will Cookie Monster have tried every possible combination and finally know for sure which is best? Lucky Fortune Cookery lunches consist of a side, one of the possible rice bowls, and one choice of the $3.49 beverages. Cocina Cucamonga lunches are a platos, a salad, and one of the $3.49 beverages.

The Two card showed a month-by-month calendar to assist teams in solving this quest.

  • Basic Answer: September 21
  • Advanced Answer: November 3

Three of Stars (20 points)
Go to the store where you can see the photo on the card. Inside the store you can find the item pointed to in the display.

The store is RideMakerz in Downtown Disney. Teams needed to find the indicated wheel in a display of nine inside the store, though it was visible from outside.

  • Answer: 8

Four of Stars (20 points)
Basic – Somewhere in Downtown Disney, without entering any business, you can find the symbols you see on the card. When you find them, answer whether these symbols are ever used in the order shown on your card.

Advanced – Somewhere in Downtown Disney, without entering any business, you can find the symbols you see on the card. When you find them, determine whether these symbols are ever used in the order shown on your card. If they are, answer how many times the hearts are used. If they aren’t, answer how many times the stripes are used.

The card showed patterns of stars, stripes and hearts which can be found on architectural elements outside Little Miss Matched.

  • Basic Answer: No
  • Advanced Answer: 17

Five of Stars (20 points)
The Basic and Advanced quests for the Five of Stars were quite different.

Basic – Somewhere within Downtown Disney, within scope for this suit, find another representation of the map you see on the card.

The map, found outside Naples Ristorante, shows the coast of Italy. Upon finding the map, teams filled place names from the map into a fill-it-in puzzle and then unscrambled the indicated numbered letters to spell out a food dish. The answer to the quest was the restaurant where that dish might be found.

  • Question: Flautas
  • Answer: Tortilla Jo’s

Advanced – Find the production numbers for the two films shown here, and as your answer, provide the DCA attraction (per the park map) with the number that is the difference between them.

The card showed pencil sketches of Princess Aurora and Lady and the Tramp, which can be found in the display windows outside Off the Page in Disney California Adventure.

  • Answer: Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular

Six of Stars (20 points)
Figure out where each letter goes in the column below it. There are spaces between words, and words may wrap lines.

Similar to the Six of Bears, the card had a word puzzle where letters were stacked, in random order, above blank spaces. The challenge was to place those letters correctly into those blank spaces to form a question.

  • Question: When was Pluto introduced?
  • Answer: 1931

Seven of Stars (20 points)
Basic – Using a map that assigns a number to each of the locations in Downtown Disney, perform the math calculations shown on the card. Sum the three numbers derived to get the number of another Downtown Disney location. ?What is that location?

Advanced – Figure out how to assign numbers to the locations listed on your card and then perform the math calculations shown on the card. Sum the three numbers derived to get the number of another Downtown Disney location. What is that location?

On the card was a math equation requiring the map identifiers for five Downtown Disney locations.

  • Answer: Napolini

Eight of Stars (20 points)
Huey, Duey and Louie are playing with some equipment they probably shouldn’t. Answer the question that corresponds to Louie’s shirt color (he’s the one holding what’s left of an umbrella).

Louie is wearing a red shirt on the telescope sculpture above the World of Disney store, so teams answered the red question: Which letter in the Fossil store sign matches the color of this question?

  • Answer: O

Nine of Stars (20 points)
The letters on the card, when read in a certain alternating pattern, will reveal the question.

Teams in the Advanced division had a different card than those in the Basic division, but the quest worked the same way for both.

  • Basic Question: How many birds, including the totem pole, are in the House of Blues outdoor seating area?
  • Basic Answer: 29
  • Advanced Question: What business in Golden State has a street number of 512?
  • Advanced Answer: Embarcadero Gifts

10 of Stars (20 points)
Were you able to participate in Disneyland’s “One More Disney Day” on February 29? Dory certainly was there, and after more than 24 straight hours at Disneyland, she was so exhausted she couldn’t remember which route would take her back to her hotel. Find the spot shown on the card, then using her dim memories below, identify at which hotel she was staying.

  • There were more than four stops on the route.
  • Definitely a route that didn’t stop at the Convention Center
  • The hotel had more than 3 words in its name.
  • Also, definitely a hotel and not a dinner show, RV park, or shopping center.
  • The hotel’s name started with a consonant.
  • It had Anaheim in the name.

This quest referenced the Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) route signs in the Resort bus and shuttle area. Though the signs have recently been replaced, the new signs have the same information.

  • Answer: Anaheim Days Inn Maingate

Jack of Stars (60 points)
As with the other three suits, completing the Ace, Two, and Three of Stars allowed teams to pick up the Jack of Stars.

Don’t just brush this one off, it may take an artistic eye to see the details around Downtown Disney. Without talking to any person in Downtown Disney, find Max, Alice, Chip and Gus somewhere out in the open.

Max, Alice, Chip and Gus (Disney characters) are also initial acronyms (MACG) for “MouseAdventure Card Games”. The letter art vendor in Downtown Disney displayed a custom piece during the event featuring those four characters, with MouseAdventure’s well-known motto above.

The custom art piece was later raffled off to a lucky team at the post-event gathering back in the ballroom.

  • Answer: Read Everything, Assume Nothing

Queen of Stars (60 points)
Teams who solved the Four, Five and Six of Stars reported back to pick up the Queen quest. Teams playing in the Basic division had a choice of two quests, while teams in the Advanced division headed over to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in DCA for an arts-and-crafts session.

Basic – Stones: Find the answer to this question among the paving stones in the Esplanade. It is in one of the sections adjacent to the compass rose: Where were Bijan and Shohreh Shayan from?
Cones: Count every large oversized green traffic cone in the area.

  • Answers: Iran, 316

Advanced – If you pay attention while wandering Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, you’ll learn that it is good luck for a dragonfly to land on you. Well, it’s time to make your luck.

Teams met up with a MouseAdventure staff member, were given a kit of supplies (pipe cleaners, a tongue depressor, paper wings & google eyes) and told to construct a dragonfly based on a model displayed by the staff member. When complete, one member of each team took it up to the rope bridges and attempted to cross with the dragonfly balanced on their forearm. They were not permitted to hold the dragonfly model or touch it with any body part other than the forearm.

Only two teams actually got to this “physical challenge”, and they both had to try more than once to cross the bridge with their dragonfly intact.
King of Stars (80 points)
This quest, which teams obtained by completing the Seven, Eight, Nine and 10 of Stars, used the Eye-Spy photos on the back of the cards as a code. Teams in the Basic division answered five true-or-false questions found in Downtown Disney, while teams in the Advanced division answered five from various locations in DCA. Based on those answers, teams constructed a decoder to correlate each card to a letter value based on the suit and face value of the card. If it sounds complicated, that’s because this was easily the most complex quest of the entire game.

Basic Question: How many fingers on the alternating red and green Mickey?

This can be found on the Studio D store sign.

  • Basic Answer: 4

Advanced Question: Which Cars Land attraction is listed first on the viewing guide at Blue Sky Cellar?

  • Advanced Answer: Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree


Included in the quest booklet were a set of 50 Disney trivia questions that were worth three points each.


On the back side of each playing card was an Eye-Spy photo. Unlike most other MouseAdventure events, there were four versions of each picture; one on each suit. Three of the four had been digitally altered in some way. Teams had to not only identify the location where the photo was taken but determine which of the four was unaltered. Correct answers were worth five points each.


Results for MouseAdventure Card Games Advanced and Basic divisions were announced at the closing festivities on Sunday night. There were 1,776 possible points in both divisions, including Trivia and Eye-Spys. No team had a perfect score, and there were no ties that affected placing positions. We recognized the top three teams in the Advanced division, the top three in the Basic division (returning teams) and Basic division (new teams), and the top team in the Family category of the Basic division (Family teams include at least one player under 13). Winning teams received prize packages of Disney merchandise and collectibles.

Day at the Park

Results for MouseAdventure Card Games Day at the Park were posted on Sunday afternoon, April 1. There were 1,376 possible points in the Day at the Park Division, including quests, trivia, and Eye-Spys. As this was a non-competitive event, no prizes are awarded.

March 11, 2012
March 25, 2012


  • Advanced
    Basic (Returning)
    Basic (New)
    Basic (Family)
    Day at the Park

Winners – Advanced

  1. New Orleans Squares
  2. The Upside-Down Cakes
  3. The ImaginEars

Winners – Basic (Returning)

  1. Naboombu All-Stars
  2. the no name gang
  3. Perceptive Plaids

Winners – Basic (New)

  1. Team 46
  2. Team AWESOME 🙂
  3. Vinyl Chasers

Winners – Basic (Family)

  1. Skippers in De Nile