MouseAdventure Emotional Whirlwind - May 19, 2024

Total possible for Advanced was 515, total possible for Basic was 385.

DivisionTeam #Team NameNewFamilyTotal Score
Advanced403Nala's PrideFamily421
Advanced401Teamboat Willie369
Advanced404Frank 'n Weenies360
Advanced405The Disney MountainEars336
Advanced411Black Caf Club331
Advanced408Lite Magic322
Advanced402Animated Inanimates276
Advanced407San Diego Mouse Catchers (aka Team Big Pencil)258
Advanced412Lucky Fins235
Advanced409We're Trying!218
Advanced213Puppet FriendsNew178
Advanced210The Hitchhiking Ghosts108
Advanced206Team O2H0
Basic4032Bing Bong Brigade339
Basic4015Wishing StarsNew338
Basic4002Running on Anxiety and Coffee328
Basic3004Ginger's Snaps324
Basic4012Tiki TumblersNew318
Basic2035Beware the Groove317
Basic3034Mickey's Bae Goals315
Basic2040Twin Lions313
Basic4022Kuzco’s Poison300
Basic4014The Incredibles282
Basic4053Cult of Mr. DinosaurNew277
Basic4048The Figmentarians276
Basic3057Figments of ImaginationNew273
Basic2027Cap Crew271
Basic3001Skippers in De Nile269
Basic4009Croquet Flamingoes and Hedgehogs257
Basic2007Donald's Detectives254
Basic4018The DisneyholicsNew253
Basic4025It seemed like a good idea at the time251
Basic4029Tripledent GumNew237
Basic4060Beauty & Her Beasts231
Basic4055Pixar Popcorn PuzzlersNew222
Basic3013Rainbow Ridge Riders219
Basic4038Team Glitch218
Basic2033The other mice217
Basic3047Edna’s Little Helpers215
Basic4024Aulani DreamersNew214
Basic3017Bing Bong Support Team207
Basic2006Pop Tart and Princess207
Basic3054Almost Empty Nesters206
Basic4031Green Boa Divas205
Basic2010The Happiest Team on Earth205
Basic2008Pixie Dust204
Basic3059Making Core Memories201
Basic4011Ajax Ghost Exterminators191
Basic2051Guardians of the Sleeping Zebra184
Basic4044Churro Cart RaidersNew176
Basic2045Ancient Cambodian Shriners165
Basic3005Pair O'Docks164
Basic4026Play to Eat161
Basic2043Disney Jeepers160
Basic4019HippopotoMai Tais158
Basic4050The Bing BongersNew157
Basic4016The Fam155
Basic2028Basic Loners153
Basic2064Someday My Pints Will Come145
Basic2052In Our Disney EraNewFamily139
Basic4042We Cry CandyNew136
Basic2058California MisadventurerersNew121
Basic2030Beauty and the DadNew115
Basic4056Mouse Mafia81
Basic2061Team RadNew60
Basic4062The Howells8
Basic2041Viani Clan0
Master201Churro Chasers388
Master302New Orleans Squares328