MouseAdventure: Back to the Park - April 20, 2023

Held at Disney's Skyline Resorts and Disney's Hollywood Studios. Total possible points was 520.

DivisionTeam NumberTeam NameNew TeamFamily TeamTotal Score
Master402Goof! There it is341
Master201Conflicting Weenies324
Basic4015Chicago Skyliners435
Basic4025Midnight Madness Marauders434
Basic3011Jussst A Dinosaur!!343
Basic3026Emmett Brown's Jug BandNew333
Basic3018Four Score and Seven Beers Ago329
Basic40413XP3DITION McFlyNew319
Basic4008Studio Sleuths302
Basic4035Snack Attack276
Basic4006Hei Hei Girl 2.0272
Basic2032Tangaroa-Ru Duo270
Basic4019Liberty Squares254
Basic2022The Wallaby Wayfinders252
Basic4016Boozy BunchNew252
Basic3007Cheshire Cannons241
Basic2036Hundred Acre WoodNew235
Basic4038Inglorious Blasters233
Basic3044Square Root of 2B223
Basic4020The Emperor’s New CrewNew208
Basic2023Peace, Love, Mickey198
Basic4001Las Cuatro CaballerasNew195
Basic2010Birds of a .... Squirrel!182
Basic4027Grim Grinning G.O.A.T.sNew181
Basic4021A Team if Density. I Mean Destiny.175
Basic4043The Great ScottsNew171
Basic3003Mickey's Minions164
Basic4005Kungaloosh Klub160
Basic2040Get It Together!New158
Basic2039The Figmentarians152
Basic2037It's Going To Be Legen (wait for it) dary!119
Basic3004The Dole Whippers105
Basic4034Compass East CorporationFamily87
Basic3017Rebels and a Bounty Hunter66
Basic4013Sith PiratesNew54
Basic4002Tigger on the Prowl51
Basic4024The Dinglehoppers17
Basic3028T&K SquaredNew16
Basic2030The Disney MountainEars