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The Third Gate Games crew was excited to be back to an in-person event after three years away. With the return of in-park games came the dreaded "MouseAdventure weather," as temperatures soared into the high 80s during the day.

The morning started out just after 9 a.m. at Disney's Hollywood Studios where teams checked in and received instructions. As Joe and David briefed the players, Chris and Stephanie headed out where we don't need roads... the Skyliner!

Once teams were released, they followed along to the Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner hub where they exchanged their Adventure card for a Resort quest packet. The day was divided into two portions, with the morning spent at the Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resorts as well as a Skyliner quest. The afternoon portion was set for Disney's Hollywood Studios.


Morning – Resort Quests

Power of Love (20 Points)

Teams searched the Riviera Resort for foreign versions of Disney and Pixar animated feature posters that contained words with double letters. Once they located the posters associated with the thumbnails provided and determined what letters to use, players followed the cord from the thumbnail images, moving backward and forward in the alphabet to the colored guitar at the end. The letter associated with each colored guitar was used to decode the final phrase. That final phrase was the tagline for Moana in French.

  • Final Question: La legende du bout du monde
  • Final Answer: Vaiana

88 MPH (30 Points)

The Caribbean Beach Resort is so large and spread out it has its own internal shuttle bus system. One of the features of the bus stops around the resort are informational posters that provide facts about the various islands used to name the different areas of the resort. These posters make note of significant dates in the history of Aruba, Martinique, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Teams received a set of flags associated with various Caribbean nations to use for the decode portion along with a series of questions whose answers were specific years in history. On certain digits of each year, an image of a selected flag indicated the country name that players should use to count the letter number from associated with that digit. When read in order from top to bottom, the letters spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Name on lighthouse
  • Final Answer: Barefoot Bay Boat Yard

That's Pretty Heavy (30 Points)

The Riviera Resort has an interesting collection of photos of Walt Disney from his travels to Europe. We took the opportunity to use them in a similar fashion to the disappearing photos from Back to the Future. In our case, we made everything but Walt's head disappear.

Teams located each photo of Walt Disney based on the cropped image of Walt's head, and answered a multiple choice question about what Walt was doing or some other detail from the photo. Using the steps from their correct answers, teams transformed a quote from the film to the final question.

  • Final Question: Addressee on postcard
  • Final Answer: Mrs. E. Disney

A common wrong answer for this quest was the address from the postcard in Voyageurs Lounge, rather than the addressee.

Uncle Joey (40 Points)

In order to find the leftover cake from Joey's failed parole, teams had to explore the Caribbean Beach Resort and answer true or false questions about various items located throughout the common areas near Old Port Royale and Trinidad.

The correct answers guided teams to island hop around a provided resort map, starting at Old Port Royale and finishing at a specific island section of the resort. For the final answer, teams had to take the third letter of the island name and then count backward in the alphabet the number of letters in the island's name.

  • Final Island: Aruba
  • Final Answer: P

We Don't Need Roads (50 Points)

The Skyliner was the teams' highway in the sky for this quest. Not only did it send them to the ends of the Skyliner route, but it also seemingly sent them back in time in search of the few pay phones that can still be found at Walt Disney World. Teams recorded the extensions for three of the courtesy guest phones, two outside Disney's Hollywood Studios and one outside Epcot to determine the numbers associated with provided icons that they would use in the next decode step.

As they traveled the Skyliner, teams also had to observe the posters in the Caribbean Beach hub and determine what words had been removed. These words were entered into a provided letter grid, then the letters from each answer were transformed using the numbers associated with the icons to move backward or forward in the alphabet. The final question sent teams to the Pop Century resort to locate a sign along the lake.

  • Final Question: Head over to the station in the middle of Hourglass Lake to take a stroll and tell us the eighth word on the sign for nineteen fifty-five
  • Final Answer: smog

The morning ended with turn in at the two MouseAdventure Central stations in the resorts at 1 p.m before an hour break for lunch.

At 2 p.m., teams assembled back at Disney's Hollywood Studios to exchange their "Save the Clock Tower" flyer for the afternoon quests.

Afternoon – Disney's Hollywood Studios Quests

Give Me a Pepsi Free (20 Points)

This quest was meant to send teams to the second floor of PizzeRizzo, however on game day it was quickly brought to our attention that the second floor had been closed off to limit the space as the restaurant shut down for the day. Sadly, this meant that the quest was not completed by anyone. We hope teams will be able to try it out at another time, so we present the answers here.

There are caricatures of Muppets on the second floor in the style of Al Hirschfeld. Teams were given doodles from selected caricatures along with a series of frames that match the layout of the pictures in PizzeRizzo. Each frame had a group of letters associated with it, and when placed into the provided grid spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall accommodates how many rats
  • Final Answer: 875

Enchantment Under the Sea Dance (30 Points)

This quest sent teams searching for Cs around the Hollywood Boulevard and Echo Lake areas.  Once teams found the answers containing Cs, they filled in the grid and used the letter beneath each C to get their final question.

  • Final Question: Buoy oh Buoy location
  • Final Answer: Dockside Diner

A few teams were tripped up by multiple answers to some of the questions, forgetting they were looking for answers that contained the letter C.

Progress is His Middle Name (40 Points)

Billboards line the streets in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and for this quest we created a whole new one for Goldie Wilson, mayor of Hill Valley. Teams were given letters taken from different billboards, and then filled in phrases from those billboards into the spaces provided. When the numbered letters we're written in order, they revealed the final question.

  • Final Question: Cost for two children to ride all day on Pacific Electric
  • Final Answer: 55 cents

A Match Made in Space (40 Points)

The novel that George McFly writes in the film's altered 1985 timeline seemed a fitting title for our first use of Galaxy's Edge for an in-park event. The biggest challenge for this land is finding text in English that we can use. In this case, we noticed all of the signs for restricted areas featured different words in front of the word "Only." Teams located the various signs and filled in the provided blanks.

For the second step, a map of dots was provided that corresponds to a layout of light fixtures at the tunnel entrance of the land. Colored spaces for each answer associated letters to the different dots. Teams connected the dots in the same pattern as the lights to determine the order in which to read the final question.

  • Final Question: Rise has what type of drop
  • Final Answer: Swift

The Atomic Kid (50 Points)

Named for the movie on the Marquee on the Hill Valley Town Theater in Back to the Future, this quest sent teams to the different theaters in Hollywood Studios.  Once teams found the theaters, crossing off each letter used on each side of each marquee (and in the correct color) left them with three groups of letters in three colors.  Each group unscrambled into one word.  Teams were given the errata that they should only use five of the sides of the marquee with six sides.

  • Final Question: Chinese Theater Address
  • Final Answer: 6925 Hollywood Blvd

The answer can be found in the Mary Poppins window of the Chinese Theater.  We also accepted 6909 Hollywood Blvd which could be found in the Jungle Book window on the parking pass, but that is actually the address of the parking lot used for that event.

Don't be Such a Square (50 Points)

Did you know that there was a Back to the Future board game? While writing the game, we discovered this hidden gem and were able to use it for our quest in Toy Story Land, where games abound. Teams were given a list of questions about items from around the land whose answers were numbers. The highlighted digits from these answers were the number of spaces teams moved for each turn around the game board. Every space landed on that had letters spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Fifth song on Songs for Singing book
  • Final Answer: Alpining for You

We had several teams who got 245 for the first answer, which we discovered was arrived at by adding several other numbers. The answer we were looking for was on a section of the box that is visible from the stroller parking area of Slinky Dog Dash. Also, in case you never found it, there is a shop at the exit to Toy Story Mania that is accessible even if you don't ride. There is no sign for it, which is weird.

When the Hell Are They? (5 Points Each)

For this eye spy, teams had to locate various non-working clocks around the park and identify the hour that the hour hand was pointing to. All teams were given points for item G since it was in a location that required reservations and teams had been instructed they wouldn't need to enter those areas.

  1. 6 (Catalina Eddie's)
  2. 11 (Vacation Fun theater sign)
  3. 12 (Mickey watch on Hollywood Blvd)
  4. 8 (Tower of Terror gift shop window)
  5. 4 (Backlot Express punchcard clock)
  6. 10 (Sunset Couture)
  7. 5 (Prime Time Cafe)
  8. 2 (Stage 1 Company Store)
  9. 1 (Tune-In Lounge)
  10. 5 (Toy Story Land/Woody's Lunchbox)
  11. 3 (Backlot Express inside back office)
  12. 6 (Backlot Express on wall)

Didn't That Guy Ever Have Hair? (10 Points)

The changes to the PhotoPass system since our last game posed a challenge for us this time around. We had a former MouseAdventure player, Chelsie, volunteer to help us, and we tasked her with wandering the park to take photos and if teams found her and asked for a team photo, they received a stamp for 10 points.

Hidden Quest (20 Points)

The hidden quest is like Fight Club. The first rule of the hidden quest is that we do not talk about the hidden quest. Not every MouseAdventure has one, but when they do, it’s always exciting to see how many teams are able to find and solve them.

The hidden quest for this game was the unused letters from the game board in the Don't Be Such a Square quest.

  • Final Question: A hidden quest. Main Street model in Walt Disney Presents was made by what Imagineers
  • Final Answer: Fred Joerger and Harriet Burns


Results and awards were presented at our post-event gathering on Saturday evening. We also handed out achievement buttons, which allow us to reward MouseAdventure teams that get the highest trivia score, find all of the eye spies, and other accomplishments. You have to be present to receive them though, so make sure to attend our future post-event gatherings!

Full results are available on the MouseAdventure website. The total possible points for the event were 520, including the hidden quest, which no team correctly answered.

The best new team (not otherwise placing) was Emmett Brown's Jug Band with 333 points, who placed 5th in their first game. The top 3 teams were:

  1. Chicago Skyliners - 435 points
  2. Midnight Madness Marauders - 434 points
  3. Team 4031 - 411 points

The Masters

  • Conflicting Weenies - 285 points
  • Goof! There it is! - 305 points

A Masters team is a team that has placed first in 3 events, and has been retired from competition. Although not eligible for any prizes during non-Invitational MouseAdventure games, Masters teams return to set the bar for other teams to compete against. They play mainly for bragging rights and the thrill of the puzzle hunt.


Chicago Skyliners


Team 4031


Midnight Madness Marauders


Emmett Brown's Jug Band

Candid Photos

We try to capture the fun of every event by catching photos of as many teams as we can during the game. All the images we took are in our Third Gate Games candid gallery.

Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the two winners of our #MABackToThePark photo contest: twitter user @RGRcubed and Instagram user @donnaquack. Players uploaded photos showing their MouseAdventure spirit to twitter and Instagram after turning in their answer sheets for a chance at a prize.

Twitter: @RGRcubed
Instagram: @donnaquack

Thank You!

Thanks to our awesome teams for coming out and playing the game. We'd also like to thank Shoshawna Fischer for writing the trivia.

If you enjoyed the event, please share with friends you think might like to play in the future!