MouseAdventure: A Spectacular Journey Into the Movies - March 9, 2019

Held at Disney's Hollywood Studios and the Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts. Total possible points was 670.

DivisionTeam NumberTeam NameNew TeamFamily TeamTotal Score
Master201Conflicting Weenies629
Basic2016Tangaroa Ru Duo585
Basic4013Jussst A Dinosaur!581
Basic3009Compass East Corporation - Blue565
Basic4003Chicago Skyliners560
Basic4028Midnight Madness Marauders560
Basic3004Team Plutonium541
Basic4018Hei Hei Girl538
Basic4033The scAvengersNew516
Basic2029LA Down Under Club499
Basic4044The hunt is strong with this one!484
Basic4040Yensid's Apprentices478
Basic4036Disney Freaks and Geeks468
Basic4031Studio Sleuths461
Basic4025The Chimney Sweeps456
Basic3035Cheshire Cannons454
Basic4042Liberty Squares438
Basic4037Migrating CoconutsNew404
Basic4002Kungaloosh Klub390
Basic2030JaM on it389
Basic4024The Team That Shall Not Be Named372
Basic2032B Team363
Basic4022Tweedle Dumber363
Basic4012Rock N Roller Coaster Roadies362
Basic3045Lucky Pennys361
Basic4026Square Root of 3B360
Basic4010Let the Wookie WinNew351
Basic4011The Rebels, the Sith and the Bounty Hunter347
Basic2019Birds of a FeatherNew347
Basic4021Teachers of TomorrowlandNew339
Basic4006We’ll tour your backlot338
Basic2039It's Going To Be Legen (wait for it) dary!313
Basic3015Flynns RidersFamily274
Basic2043Dash - A Disney NameNew267
Basic4034Are These the Droids We're Looking For???239
Basic3046The Skippers217
Basic2023Jiminy’s Crickets173
Basic4038Fantastic Finn Family FourNew129
Basic3005Compass East Corporation - Green80