MouseAdventure Goofy Sports - May 19, 2019

Total possible for Advanced was 545, total possible for Basic was 435.

DivisionTeam #Team NameNewFamilyTotal Score
Advanced405Teamboat Willie527
Advanced411the no name gang.517
Advanced403YM's Majesty469
Advanced402The Disney MountainEars449
Advanced408San Diego Mouse Catchers445
Advanced401Animated Inanimates443
Advanced406Scrooge's Shadows362
Advanced304Team Plutonium334
Advanced412Goofy, Belle, Aurora and Marie319
Advanced413Oy, Such Losers!314
Advanced417Bubba CheezNew303
Advanced215The Lucky FinsNew265
Advanced407Sid's Toy Crew183
Advanced318Doxie Moms176
Advanced310Bibbidy Bobbidy Bleep!170
Advanced414420 - Another Cadre of Hungry JellybeansNew91
Advanced416The ThrashersNew81
Basic4004The Churro Chasers409
Basic4023Mickey's Bae Goals407
Basic4100Cute and Fluffy!361
Basic4012Ginger’s Snaps350
Basic3003Skippers in De Nile349
Basic3080The Loud McLeodsFamily345
Basic4001Frank 'n Weenies334
Basic4059The Dippy Dawgs330
Basic2075Trader Sam's Crew328
Basic3035Sweatin' with the Oldsters326
Basic4007Disney Dorphies315
Basic3036Team Awesome 🙂314
Basic4037Beauty and Her Beasts313
Basic4016Monsters Think!313
Basic2005Goof Troop 33311
Basic4014Flight of the Navigators310
Basic4025Bee at the Beach307
Basic4011Make it Pink/Make it Blue304
Basic4034Play 2 Eat301
Basic3089Hit It SkipNew294
Basic3090The Tangaroa-Ru Crew292
Basic4039Agents PFamily282
Basic4019The Sean Brown Sean Brown GangNew273
Basic2051The leaning tower of cheeza270
Basic4063Team Black Again265
Basic4074The Hogwarts Rejects264
Basic2072Team Gosser: Super Sleuths264
Basic2057Hei Girl Hei259
Basic4098Emperor's New Crew258
Basic4013Will Play For Churros258
Basic4029Ancient Cambodian Shriners255
Basic3024Beware the Groove253
Basic3092Team Glitch250
Basic4026Red Car Trolley Dodgers250
Basic4054Peanut Gallery249
Basic4002Lite Magic248
Basic3044Hoth Explorers236
Basic4045The Wicked Stepsisters235
Basic2065Croquet Flamingoes232
Basic2010Kevin is a Girl?!232
Basic2049The Lost GirlsNew230
Basic3009Guardians of the Sleeping Zebra221
Basic3042The Incredibles220
Basic4060The Goofy Gang216
Basic4048Team Wikiwiki Mickey215
Basic4038Goofy Mash Up214
Basic4079HippopotoMai TaisNew205
Basic4031Catch a Clue202
Basic3006Disney Dreamers202
Basic4053Goof Troop 212Family196
Basic4043Hello, It's SmeeNew190
Basic4022We’re just here for the snacks188
Basic2086Jiminy’s Crickets185
Basic3067The hitching hiking ghosts185
Basic3021The Three Mousketeers183
Basic4020It seemed like a good idea at the time169
Basic4050Stitch in TimeNew165
Basic3066Watch Me DisNae NaeNew164
Basic4095Tough Luck163
Basic4032McDuck Greenbacks163
Basic3017Goof Troop163
Basic2093Olympopolus OriginalsNew155
Basic2056Don't mess with the REFS!149
Basic3027Frog CarFamily144
Basic4052Eye of the Tigger137
Basic2081Turn Down for Walt134
Basic2088Team Wonderland129
Basic4071If at First You Don't Succeed122
Basic3068Carnation Cafe Hillbillies122
Basic4097Jungle Navigation CompanyNew117
Basic2069Disney Jeepers113
Basic3094The Three Amigos110
Basic4077Sore In CaliforniaFamily110
Basic2047Mine! Mine! Mine!107
Basic2018Peace Love Mickey101
Basic4030Goofy's Gurlz97
Basic4040Dippity Doo Dah DawgsNew96
Basic3055Goofy's Golfin Gals87
Basic4083The Doctor and Companions75
Basic4085Fat Piece of Fish73
Basic2028Future Mr & MrsNew62
Basic3008Watch Me Dole WhipNew58
Basic4058Run DMMCNewFamily49
Basic3062The Michael'sNewFamily35
Basic3082The Figmentarians
Basic3076The Gooffs
Basic4070Hitchhiking GhostsNew
Basic4041Curiouser and CuriouserNew
Master401Naboombu All-Stars317
Master302The Heffatooies293