MouseAdventure Under Construction - April 29, 2018

Total possible for Advanced was 505, total possible for Basic was 385.

Please note that scores and rankings for Basic division teams have changed.

We found an error with our grading of some teams after the announcement on Sunday night. We would like to congratulate Lite Magic on their finish (and second First place win) and Once Upon a Dream for a fantastic finish for a new team (10th overall).

It is very important to all of us that work on MouseAdventure that teams know that we take grading very seriously. Unfortunately, mistakes were made. We do hope you'll come back and play again.

All of us on the MouseAdventure staff sincerely apologize for the error.

DivisionTeam #Team NameNewFamilyTotal Score
Advanced402The Disney MountainEars513
Advanced407YM's Majesty496
Advanced411Animated Inanimates493
Advanced409Teamboat Willie486
Advanced404the no name gang.481
Advanced401Big Hero 4480
Advanced310Team Plutonium455
Advanced413Scrooges Shadows445
Advanced403San Diego Mouse Catchers aka 2nd or Bust 😉442
Advanced306Roar Omega Roar433
Advanced405Lady's Tramps416
Advanced315Legen (wait for it) dary!390
Advanced419Can We Fix It? No, But It's Ok323
Advanced416Aurora & Stitch313
Advanced414Sid's Toy Crew308
Advanced423The Doctor and CompanionsNew305
Advanced420Just Some Good ol' JellybeansNew295
Advanced218Don't follow us, we're lost!264
Advanced408Bibbidy Bobbidy Bleep!234
Advanced322Doxie Moms214
Advanced417The Never-Winners201
Advanced421Demon Llamas
Basic4030Lite Magic402
Basic2004Skippers in De Nile386
Basic4008Frank 'n Weenies384
Basic2028Kevin is a Girl?!376
Basic4001The Churro Chasers374
Basic2055The Imagine Dragons374
Basic4025The Dig Dugs373
Basic4002Disney Dorphies371
Basic4103Once Upon A DreamNew370
Basic3023Flight of the Navigators368
Basic4011Pardon Our Dust368
Basic3007Aces & Eights367
Basic3033Smoke Tree Ranchers367
Basic4015Lost Falls Expedition359
Basic4074Team Fix-It358
Basic4051Street Rats357
Basic3105Great Mouse DetectivesNew356
Basic4125The Prospectors355
Basic4046Green Boa Divas354
Basic4019Beauty and her Beasts351
Basic4034Monsters, Think!New348
Basic4014Awesome Mix Vol. 1NewFamily348
Basic2003The Loud McLeodsNew347
Basic4032Make it Pink/Make it Blue345
Basic4054Fantasyland Fangirls343
Basic4006Team Happy Place340
Basic4110Big Hero 4 - BOOYAH!339
Basic4049The Flying McQuacks330
Basic4075The Baffled Of Baker StreetNew329
Basic3119The Hitchhiking GhostsNew329
Basic4118What would dory do?New327
Basic4010Disney DreamersNew327
Basic3048The Other Mice327
Basic3041Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me: The Musical - Opening Cast and Crew322
Basic3042Team Awesome 🙂321
Basic4052Pixie Dusters319
Basic2113Team Gosser: Super Sleuths316
Basic4087Snapes on a Plane315
Basic4080Team Black Again313
Basic3073Maleficent's Minions312
Basic4099The Lost Girls310
Basic4047Bee At The Beach304
Basic2021You chose... Wisely299
Basic3005Beware the Groove298
Basic3076The Hogwarts Rejects296
Basic2016Team Astro Blasters294
Basic4063Peanut Gallery291
Basic4116Merv's Dream TeamNew291
Basic2107Runaway Brains288
Basic3100Team GlitchFamily286
Basic4053The Not So Hidden Mickeys286
Basic3070Tough LuckFamily285
Basic4031Catch a ClueFamily284
Basic3098Tigger on the Prowl282
Basic4036Ancient Cambodian Shriners282
Basic3044Frog carFamily280
Basic2096Donald's Detectives277
Basic2128Perry's Peons274
Basic4050this is not a drill266
Basic4127Quizney Princesses262
Basic4112Mickey's MinionsNew261
Basic3066The Three Mouseketeers261
Basic4058Red Car Trolley Dodgers260
Basic4095Wahine a me Keonimana257
Basic2017The Tangaroa-Two256
Basic3045The Wicked Stepsisters251
Basic3012DAN STRONG - TEAM 33250
Basic2013Tasty Abbott250
Basic3059Strength of a Raging Fire248
Basic2084leo's toy store245
Basic2024Peas & Carrots245
Basic2123We Wants the Bug's LandNew244
Basic2097Hoth ExplorersNew242
Basic4106Disney Jeepers232
Basic4062Porg PowerFamily231
Basic3043The Incedibles229
Basic30933 and a half Mouseketeers229
Basic4061Play To Eat228
Basic2027Trader Sam's 2fer227
Basic4120Sore In California223
Basic4124Walt's WonderersNew220
Basic3069Pluto's Mad Dogs216
Basic4079Hidden Mickey Racers206
Basic3121Guardians of the Sleeping Zebra205
Basic4040Ajax Ghost Exterminators201
Basic4065Lock,shock and barrel200
Basic3092Hip Hip hooray199
Basic3085Bad IdeaNew199
Basic2068Team WonderlandNew199
Basic4091Soccer GoalsNew197
Basic3094Storming the Castle195
Basic3122Walt Quizney's ApprenticesNew190
Basic2109Team G&LNew189
Basic3090Distracted by Sparkly ObjectsNew187
Basic4060Team WadeNew172
Basic4117AP GoofballsNew132
Basic2111Poison ApplesNew121
Basic4039The Ladies MACKNew119
Basic3115Bulla Bulla Gang100
Basic2114Green Knights98
Basic2071Golden Dream Team61
Basic3083The Gooffs
Basic3082Gouda & FriendsNew
Basic4057Happy Hobbits
Basic2022Jiminy's Crickets
Master401Naboombu All-Stars395