A recent inventory of the MouseAdventure archives and the absence of a major spring event at Disneyland spurred the Third Gate Games team to conceive of a new, small scale option for MouseAdventure: Rewind. Teams often ask about being able to play games that they missed after hearing about a specific quest or theme. Rewind allows teams who missed an event the first time around get a sampling of the quests, and allows us to also offer a non-competitive option for those new to MouseAdventure, or who prefer a more leisurely pace.

MouseAdventure Card Games Deuces Wild: Rewind was the second of two Rewind events this spring. In Card Games, teams earn Face Card Quests by solving (or at least attempting to solve) the numbered card quests first. The Jack quest of each suit involves a physical challenge within the suit area, while the Queen and King quests are more typical MouseAdventure quests.

The original version of Card Games Deuces Wild, played in Spring 2014, consisted of 39 individual tasks, puzzles, and quests tied to a standard-size deck of cards (Advanced teams played the full desk of 52). For this Rewind game, teams were given a quest booklet that only contained selected items from two of the original four suits (Masks and Shields). Thirty-eight teams met at the picnic area on Sunday, June 11 after sending a captain to pick up their materials near the Mickey and Friends parking structure escalators. Once instructions were given in a manner that harkens back to the early days of MouseAdventure, the teams were off to Disneyland with their special Card Games deck in hand.

Card Games Deuces Wild: Rewind Quests


The Masks station was located outside of the Stage Door Cafe. The suit involved quests spanning Frontierland, Adventureland, New Orleans Square, and Critter Country.

Ace of Masks
Several animals were shown on the card, and players were asked which type of animal shown was not available as a seating option in Critter Country. Over by Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country are a set of benches where the backs are in the shape of various animals.

  • Correct answer – Moose, Bear, and Chipmunk

Two of Masks
For this card, teams had to do a little bit of coloring. Answering a few questions in the area, they had to actually color their card in the indicated way.

  • Correct answer – There are two photos of Calamity Jane so teams colored the peg leg in the image; the train behind the register is #5, so the cactus’s hat was to be colored in, the buffalo does not have a name plaque, so they had to write their team # on the card, and finally, there are only 25 horseshoes nailed to the beams, so the rabbit’s tail was colored.

Five of Masks
This card showed a selection of brand logos and asked which two were not appropriate for the area covered by the Masks suit.

  • Correct answer – Any two of Quilted Northern, Stouffers, or Brawny

Six of Masks
Teams needed to solve a Sudoku puzzle for this card. Once solved, they used the numbers in the indicated squares to fill in the blanks in their question. That question asked them to find a book in Tarzan’s Treehouse and provide a specific word from the text.

  • Correct answer – Named

Seven of Masks
This puzzle contained 26 questions you could answer from around Frontierland to find what numeric values had been assigned to the letters of the alphabet, and then players decoded the question asking which of two items was more expensive: Four chimichangas or Five arroz con pollo (found on the children’s menu at Rancho del Zocalo).

Rather than just working the 26 questions presented, the ideal strategy was to treat it like a game of hangman and answer only those letters that seemed most useful and work from there. Using this method, many teams really only needed to answer 6 to 10 of the questions. Also, hopefully nobody went over to River Belle Terrace to count “the number of live ostriches (male or female) currently looking for food in the outdoor seating.” The answer, and we’re almost positive this is always true, is zero.

  • Correct answer – Four chimichangas

Eight of Masks
This card showed a treasure map with various bits of text identified, and players were asked to give the final bit of text. The map was found inside the “fortune teller” booth occupied by a pirate in the courtyard at Pieces of Eight.

  • Correct answer – Follow signs

Nine of Masks
First, teams had to solve a simple crossword puzzle using the eight named gods in the Tiki Room courtyard, which associated eight letters with eight numbers. They were then instructed to find the line in a block of text that started with each letter, then rotate that line by the indicated number of spaces. Once all of that was done, the question could be read by scanning the block of text from top to bottom then left to right.

It asked teams to count the number of peacock feathers painted on the short wall around the courtyard next to Aladdin’s Oasis which went under construction walls the day before the event, so teams just needed to show their final question to receive credit for this quest.

  • Correct answer – 56

10 of Masks
This was another scary-looking puzzle that hopefully wasn’t as bad for teams as they may have feared. Presented with a large grid of numbers, they were told to color in the numbers that met the rules on the card. The one that seemed trickiest for teams was the instruction to color in all of the numbers for which 46 (the minimum height for Indiana Jones Advenure in inches) is a multiple. 46 is a multiple of 1, 2, 23, and 46 (23 seemed to get missed a lot). When colored, the squares spelled out “chicken skewer sauce?” and the question asked what the proper name was.

  • Correct answer – Polynesian Sauce

Jack of Masks
This “Sweet or Sour” physical challenge tasked teams with memorizing a list of Goofy’s Candy company flavors based on their selection of the sweet or sour option. One member of the team was chosen to recite the flavors in a specific order based on the category they chose.

Queen of Masks
Teams were given a photo of a poster found along the Rivers of America, and tasked with finding the words that had been redacted in a word search grid.

After finding all of the words places in the word find, the remaining letters asked teams: Another poster advertises what type of passage to Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Lous, and all points south?

  • Correct answer – Direct

King of Masks
This was a unique puzzle format, challenging teams in their origami skills. The first task was to connect a bunch of broken phrases that could be found around the exterior to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. With that information, they could then derive instructions for how to mark and fold an accompanying piece of paper covered in apparent nonsense.

As the paper was folded, however, it would begin to reveal the quest’s task, which was to identify the costliest item at River Belle Terrace.

  • Correct answer – Fish and Chips


The Shields suit station was located in the seating area on the dock behind Edelweiss Snacks in Fantasyland, with quests spanning Main Street, Fantasyland, and Toontown.

Ace of Shields
Three questions in different colored text were on the card, and players were instructed to answer the one in the same color as the (garden) rake that cold be found in Toontown. This rake is leaning against Goofy’s garden shed and is blue, so teams were to answer who was standing to Minnie’s left in the postcard from Hawaii (part of the Disney Vacation Club booth that used to be the Jolly Trolley station).

  • Correct answer – Mickey Mouse

Two of Shields
An image was broken into random pieces and players needed to redraw the complete image and identify the attraction number shown. When done correctly, it revealed the water tower at the Toontown stop of the Disneyland Railroad.

  • Correct answer – 42 or 41 (depending on what map teams received at the park that day)

Four of Shields
Images on the card make up the component parts of the towers found near “it’s a small world,” and the task was to identify which of those towers was shown and then to identify what could be purchased there for less than $4.

  • Correct answer – Coffee or Hot Cocoa

Six of Shields
This card showed various animals that could also be found as topiary outside of “it’s a small world.” Teams had to identify the extra animal not found there. Buffalo, elephant, lion, ostrich, zebra, dolphin, an rhinoceros are all there. The one animal shown that cannot be found as a topiary is…

  • Correct answer – Hippopotamus

Seven of Shields
Teams were asked to find the phrase “kinder machen die eltern stoltz” somewhere on Main Street and identify who wrote it, as well as which suit of the four standard card suits (heart, diamond, jack, spade) cannot be seen on an item nearby.

The phrase appears in a letter written by Harry Houdini to his brother Dash and is on display in the window of the magic store. The lampshades on the lights at the entrance to the magic store show three playing cards, and clubs is the missing suit.

  • Correct answer – Harry Houdini and clubs

Eight of Shields
Another “complete the sequence” task. The book showed a sequence of shields and the question was which image on the card would continue the sequence. The shields in question are found on the poles around King Arthur Carrousel.

  • Correct answer – 5

Nine of Shields
On this card was seen a scrambled word, but not scrambled in any of our normal ways. It referenced something written in Toontown using a stencil and, of course, toon physics required that when text like that got jumbled, it really got jumbled, as each letter broke into the individual stencil parts. Teams had to figure out the word (Clarabelles) and name the adjacent business.

  • Correct answer – Pluto’s Dog House

10 of Shields
This was a basic decode task where players were given a pool of letters and instructions on how to decode an encoded question. The trick was that only half of the question “The number of mirrors” and they needed to figure out that the rest of the question could be read in the unused letters from the decoding pool (“decorating Red Rose Tavern”). Two clever teams found one mirror that we didn’t when writing the quest. The mirror was on the front of a book above the drinking fountain.

  • Correct answer – 7 (or 8)

Jack of Shields
In the 2014 edition of the game, this quest was part of the Masks suit. For Rewind, the physical challenge for this suit saw the return of charades from the original Card Games. Teams seem to enjoy it, and more importantly, we like watching it. For this version of charades, teams acted out three Disneyland Resort attraction names given to them. The attractions used included: Haunted Mansion, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!, Grizzly River Run, Space Mountain, Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, Gadget’s Go Coaster, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Monster’s Inc., Mike and Sully to the Rescue.

Queen of Shields
This quest used the Huey Dewey Decimal System, requiring players to match altered book titles (and their call numbers) with actual book titles found in the Starbucks windows on Main Street (example: Treasure Island was transformed into “Hoarded Wealth Amidst Dihydrogen Monoxide”). Only seven of the eight listed items could be found in those windows, and teams then had to find something related to the remaining item elsewhere on Main Street. That remaining item was “Electricity and Its Interpersonal Meanings” with call number 132. That led teams to a “love” machine in the Penny Arcade, and on that machine, a score of 132 went with the answer phrase.

  • Correct answer – More PEP will put you over BIG

King of Shields
This was physically the most complex quest in the game. Teams where given three sheets of paper. The first two (which were perforated for ease) had letters and numbers on one side and images of shields on the other side. The third sheet just had letters on one side. Teams were instructed on how to remove various shields from the first two sheets (using the same shields as seen at the entrance to Matterhorn). After that task was completed, teams could then stack the remaining portions of the sheets to reveal six Disney character names (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Roger, Jessica). They were then instructed to find another location within the suit where those six could all be found together and write their names in the accompanying numbered grid.

That location was the post office boxes in the Toontown post office. Players then had to notice two things: First, that on some of the shields they had torn out, the numbers 1 through 6 could be found (associated a specific number with a specific character name) and second, that on the cards within the suit there was a different shield for each card value in the bottom margin. So now players would tie a specific character to a specific shield (via the number in the grid) and specific shields to a specific card in the deck. This allowed them to answer the question of which character had the highest card number, and what that card number was.

  • Correct answer – Mickey Mouse (10)

Deuces Wild

Once a team correctly completed all of the number card quests in a single suit, they could ask for the Deuces Wild quest. The quest directed them out to the compass rose in the Esplanade between the two parks. Starting at a specific point on the compass, they needed to rotate a designated number of degrees around the rose to identify a specific set of memorial bricks they’d be working with (teams should have ended up on the SE block where due north is pointed at the Disneyland gates).

Teams then had to identify all the states mentioned on the 400 or so bricks in that section. They had a 49-row block of text (we left South Dakota off because there was one brick that was ambiguous about whether it was referencing the state or San Diego) where each line was associated with a state. Teams needed to remove every line of text for a state found on those bricks, and the remaining letters revealed the next instruction, to go to MouseAdventure Central and tell them what is written on the brick at C45 237.

  • Correct answer – 2002 – The Hanks Family – Tom Rita Chet – Tru Colin Liz

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