MouseAdventure Silly Symphonies – May 14, 2016

Total possible was 650.

Team NumberTeamNameNew TeamTotal ScoreTurn In Time*
2035Conflicting Weenies650
4003San Diego Mouse Catchers6205:59 PM
3020Texas Turtles620
4044Yensid's Apprentices615
3004Team Plutonium610
4032PquizadactylNew5705:42 PM
3037Jussst A Dinosaur!!5705:56 PM
3036Tangaroa-Ru Crew5705:58 PM
4052Midnight Madness MaraudersNew560
3034Epcot Legacy: The Lost EPCOTNew540
4033Lost Falls Expedition535
4042Colander Combo and the Fiesta FruitNew520
4038Gate Crashers515
2023WedWay Peoplemover Posse505
4041Bibbidi, Bobbidi, BEER!New495
4018Kitchen KabaretNew490
2005International Travelers455
3021Aristocat WranglersNew4505:49 PM
4011The Magic BanditsNew450
4049Disney Freaks & GeeksNew445
4015Thank The PhoeniciansNew430
3001Studio 23425
2010Benny's Drince88e84155:41 PM
2002Eptrotters Lite4155:47 PM
4013Kungaloosh KlubNew4105:40 PM
2029ChancoleNew4105:41 PM
4031Funny Little BunniesNew405
30404005:13 PM
4045New4005:44 PM
4030Who Killed Cock Robin?New395
2024The Figmentarians390
4053Bay Lake Revelers385
2019Hitting the Minnie BarNew370
4050The Society of Explorers and AdventurersNew360
4009Sugar Rush RacersNew350
3016Kobayashi MaruNew3355:44 PM
3051#vegassquadNew3355:46 PM
4028The Mighty Ladybugs320
3054Genies at full throttleNew315
3056Be Our Quest3105:33 PM
4026bibbidi-bobbidi-booyah!3105:36 PM
4055Lost Antlers3105:59 PM
4025The Skeleton DancersNew3005:34 PM
2008Happy Hobbits3005:45 PM
2007Jiminy's Crickets3005:51 PM
4048New2555:36 PM
4022RaNSoM2555:56 PM
2006The Good Schneidersaurs225
4017The OvertakersNew215
20143 Blind Mice205
2057WDW News TodayNew
3043Goof TroopNew

* Turn in time is only posted for those teams that have a tie score. In the event of a tie, the turn in time is used for ranking purposes.