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Third Gate Games kicked off the first week of January 2023 with our play-at-home In A Box event on Saturday the 7th. Box 7 was themed all around the Star Wars universe and included two pop-out built it yourself holiday ornaments. As before, finishing teams were ranked based on how quickly they finished, plus any added time for hints.

Teams playing in the On Your Own Time division who have finished are listed on the finisher tab of the box page. A summary of the quests as well as the answers is below.

Box Quests

The Phantom Menace

Players had to navigate a word search grid in order to find a list of Star Wars-related locations. Each location had a small Death Star icon inside of it in the actual word search which were used to navigate a maze on the back side of the page (and something else happened that I can't remember)

  • Final Question: Death Star Project Name
  • Final Answer: Stardust

Attack of the Clones

The "Clones" in question here are sets of double letters in Disney-universe character names. Clues were provided on screen, and double letter combos called out on the purple sheet of paper from the Box. When read in order, highlighted letters from each answer formed a final question.

  • Final Question: Older Brother of Darth Mail
  • Final Answer: Savage Opress

Empire Strikes Back

The first task for this quest had teams put together a small laser-cut X-Wing fighter ornament. They then flew around a large sheet of paper with pairs of characters spread out all over. Using the X-Wing to fly in the correct path, teams would match a father and son pair that the on-screen clues alluded to. Each pair of names would yield a single letter, that, in turn provided one more half of father-son pairing.

  • Final Question: Chewbacca
  • Final Answer: Lumpawaroo

The Force Awakens

On-screen, teams were presented with a variety of Disney characters in their bed chambers. An icon and a number in the top left corner corresponded with a brightly colored card shipped inside the Box. Using the number under the icon in the on-screen images, teams then had to index the name of the movie from each image to form a final question when written out in the order of the "quilt" of images from the Box.

  • Final Question: Star Wars substance causing hibernation?
  • Final Answer: Carbonite

Rogue One

Easter eggs are such a staple of the Star Wars universe, and this quest capitalized on that fact. In concert with the pink sheet of paper and on-screen clues, players had to answer a series of questions that fit into the answer sheet. Letters designated on the sheet with an egg then had to be plucked out and sorted in order to spell a final question.

  • Final Question: Jawas like these egg types
  • Final Answer: Mudhorn

Solo A Star Wars Story


  • Final Question: For the grand opening of Star Tours Disneyland hosted a party that lasted how many hours?
  • Final Answer: 60

May the Forks be With You

MouseAdventure In A Box does not require you to visit any food locations that take reservations, however, with this quest, teams had to virtually visit a variety of Galaxy's Edge eating establishments. Using menus for the locations, in concert with the images from the on-screen quest that alluded to the species or creature from the menus, a grid of letters was formed on the little white sheet of paper in the Box. Once the grid was full, the on-screen directions had players index letters of out the box to spell a final question.

  • Final Question: Ogas boba balls are eggs from this cantina creature
  • Final Answer: Worrt


You can access the results pages for Box 7 on the Box page; you must be logged in and have access to Box 7 to view the results. Competitive teams that finished before the cutoff are listed on the Rankings tab. On Your Own Time teams as well as Competitive teams that finished after hints were added are listed on the Finishers tab.

The fastest three Competitive teams were:

  1. Teamboat Willie
  2. Chicago Skyliners
  3. Hei Hei Queens

Thank You

Thank you for joining us for this at-home MouseAdventure.

If you enjoyed the event, please share with friends you think might like to play in the future. We are already planning future boxes.

If you want any answers to specific pieces of data, or want to ask us more questions about the game, please post them in the forum.