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On August 14, 2021 we held the Competitive Division of our fifth play-at-home MouseAdventure. Competitive teams were ranked based on how quickly they finished, plus any added time for hints. On Your Own Time teams who finished all quests were listed as finishers. This recap provides a summary of the quests from the event as well as the answers.

Box Quests

Baggage Claim

It's time for your Star Tours flight! Do you know your flight number? Teams received a sheet of paper with a series of luggage tags on it corresponding to different Star Tours flight numbers referred to in the various incarnations of the ride and its queues. Identifying the destinations (and in one case origin) of the flights gave teams a destination or destinations from the Star Wars universe.

Numbers on the webpage next to each flight number indicated the letters to use for each luggage tag. Rearranging the tags in the correct order spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Pilot of flight one four o one
  • Final Answer: C-3PO

There and Back Again

Space exploration is a big part of Tomorrowland, to the moon and elsewhere. For this quest, teams received a set of clues that were linked to one another, sort of like six degrees of separation for Tomorrowland. Each answer had one or two highlighted letters that spelled out the final phrase.

For the final decode step, teams used the mission patch images on the page associated with each letter to place them in the correct order according to the manned space mission date of each flight pictured.

  • Final Phrase: Space race series
  • Final Answer: The Right Stuff

Future Text

In the future, maybe the universal language will be emojis. With that in mind, teams were challenged to name the films described to them by the emojis presented. The movie titles were placed in the grid provided in the box. Colored boxes highlighted the letters for teams to rearrange and spell out the words describing a final set of emojis. The film depicted by those emojis was the final answer.

  • Final Phrase: Honey eye down arrow child child
  • Final Answer: Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Connecting the Bots

As we've seen in countless movies, television shows, and theme park attractions, the future is full of robots—mostly good, sometimes not so nice. Teams received a card with two columns of dots on one side and a series of robots with associated instructions on the reverse. In order to connect the dots, and the bots, teams matched one of the names on the webpage to a robot on the card based on their association with the same movie, TV show, or attraction.

Using one enclosed pipe cleaner as a connector, teams bent it according to the instructions with the robot on the card to connect the colored dot on the left with a numbered dot on the right. The number on the dot indicated the letter from the title of the movie, show, or attraction the robots had in common.

Reading the letters in order of the numbered dots from top to bottom spelled out the final robot name. Teams provided the attraction that they had in common for the final answer.

  • Final Name: Minor Domo
  • Final Answer: Captain EO

Starlight Serenade

One unique feature of Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland is Sonny Eclipse, who provides musical accompaniment to those dining at Cosmic Ray's. Teams answered a series of questions related to the lovely space songs he sings during his set. Once they had all the answers, teams entered the indicated numbered letters into the spaces on the star field sheet from the box. Using the rules from the instructions, teams placed the letters into the spaces on the star field to spell out the final question.

  • Final Question: The one Sonny Eclipse song not used
  • Final Answer: Bright Little Star

Weaving Through Tomorrow

This quest focused on Disneyland's Tomorrowland, and its attractions from the past. Teams located the attractions or stores referenced in clues provided on the webpage. All answers were nine-letters long. To do the weaving referred to in the title, teams cut up strips and prepared their "loom" provided in the box.

Each strip was passed into the loom, with the strip passing in front of the vertical loom strips for letters in the answer that corresponded to vowels. With all the strips in place, the quest then became a drop quote puzzle, requiring teams to use the letters from the top section to fill in the spaces below in order to spell out the words of the final instruction. The final instruction indicated what action teams would take in order to reveal the final answer, read down the middle section of the woven loom.

  • Final Instruction: Pull out tabs to hide jets in margin
  • Final Answer: Viewliner
  • Elementary

    What about science? Well, we've got it right here courtesy of our friend Bill Nye the Science Guy. Teams matched up the real songs from Bill's playlist to the parody songs that appeared in various episodes of the show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Using the season number and episode number from each season, teams calculated the number of spaces to move left/right and up/down by entering the numbers in the provided spreadsheet.

    The periodic table indicated the various locations within the office complex that Bill went to see his Disney friends. Starting at the Tomorrowland Transit Center space, teams moved to other locations on the table, collecting the "codes" (atomic symbols) for each. To spell out the final question, teams placed these codes in the order that their respective episodes aired.

    • Final Phrase: Parody song evolution ep
    • Final Answer: Survival


    You can access the results for both division under the Box 5 icon at the Boxes page. You will need to be the logged in under the account that registered to view the leaderboard and finishers lists.

    The fastest three teams for the Competitive division were:

    1. Teamboat Willie - Seattle
    2. Chicago Skyliners
    3. Jess & Friends

    Thank You

    Thank you for joining us for our fifth MouseAdventure in a Box.

    If you enjoyed the event, please share with friends you think might like to play in the future.

    If you want any answers to specific pieces of data, or want to ask us more questions about the game, please post them in the forum.