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The competitive version of MouseAdventure in a Box 4 took place on April 24, 2021. Competitive teams were ranked based on how quickly they finished, plus any added time for hints. On Your Own Time teams who have finished all quests are listed as finishers. This recap provides a summary of the quests from this event as well as the answers.

Box Quests

Banded Together

Teams received a sheet of paper that they cut into seven strips to use as bands to solve this quest introducing seven Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A) members. Images of the S.E.A. members on the web page associated an icon on the strip to each person. In order to decode the final question, teams arranged three strips to associate the member's image with their initials, and associated Disney Parks location, and then recorded the row of letters below. When the rows of letters were arranged in alphabetical order according to each member, the letters spelled out the final question.

  • Final Question: Evil SEA member and rival of Doctor Jones revoked by Henry Mystic
  • Final Answer: Garrett Reed

Can You Dig It?

Indiana Jones' pal Jock Lindsey has hidden a bunch of his artifacts. Clues to the objects' names were provided on the webpage. Once teams identified the items, they located them coiled inside a letter grid provided in the box. The remaining letters spelled out the final clue. The final answer is a reference to a sign inside Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar at Disney Springs.

  • Final Phrase: No payment with these
  • Final Answer: Artifacts

Key of S.E.A.

In this quest, Harrison Hightower invited teams to drop in to his hotel. In order to decipher the message he left, they had to put a set of keys in the the right order. Modern hotels use key cards, but the key cards we provided included images of ones more like Harrison would have on hand.

Answers to a series of multiple choices questions related to various Disney hotels around the world provided the steps to shuffle the keys around the board. Once in the correct order, dark dots above the letters on the key cards spelled out the final clue.

  • Final Phrase: Quote on corner stone of Hotel Hightower?
  • Final Answer: The taller we stand the nearer the stars

Using a search on images online proved to be the most effective way to answer this quest.

O Captain! My Captain!

S.E.A. is full of captains, and Mary Oceaneer had a get together with her friends. Teams identified the ship associated with each captain's name provided on the webpage, then located the letter from the name indicated by the number.

Once all the letters were identified, teams transferred them onto the spokes of a wooden gear in the box that served as a decoder for this quest. Numbers around the frame for the gear were used to decode the series of numbers provided on a sheet of pink paper in the box to spell out the final question.

  • Final Question: Who is the captain of the boat in Steamboat Willie
  • Final Answer: (Pegleg) Pete

In Denial

This quest presented teams with a series of seemingly unrelated questions. If you didn't think we had something up out sleeve, you know where you are... When the answers were placed on one half of an answer grid, numbered squares spelled out the instruction to "use the cruise vehicle name."

The quest title, combined with some text in the introduction hinted that the answers all form one half of Jungle Cruise boat names. Once the second half of each name was entered in the grid, the shaded squares spelled out the final clue.

  • Final Phrase: Beached boat name in new art
  • Final Answer: Kwango Kate

A recent post on the Disney Parks Blog shared new concept art for the changes to the Jungle Cruise attraction, including one of a beached boat being swarmed by chimpanzees.

Flight Plan

Navigational skills are essential for S.E.A. members. Teams received a map of the world in their box with various pinned locations on it along with a small compass. Based on a hint to some "soarin'" adventures in the introduction, teams navigated their way among the various locations visited in the Soarin' film shown at Disney California Adventure, keeping track of the headings measured with their compass.

Once all of the headings were determined, the reverse side of the map provided the information to spell out the final question. To identify the correct group of letters from the outer edge of the paper, teams placed the compass on the correct circle corresponding to each heading, making sure north was pointing toward the N.

Arranging the groups of letters from left to write and reading from left to right, starting at the upper left letter, spelled out the final clue.

  • Final Question: Location missing in Soaring Fantastic Flight
  • Final Answer: Paris

The compasses proved to be a little more challenging than we were hoping, and took some time to settle after being moved.

No Fault of Mine

The final quest of Box 4 challenged teams to identify the people and things depicted in a series of images in order to locate Barnabas Bullions lost gold. The "eh you" along with the bolded "AU" letters in other words in the introduction clued teams that all of the names contained the letters Au (the chemical symbol for gold). Several images of characters containing "fool's gold" (iron sulfide, or "fess") were mixed in, and teams were instructed to ignore those.

Answers to the proper images were placed in mine shafts on the Big Thunder map included in the box, making sure to place the "gold nugget" (AU letters) in the gold highlighted space. Medium and large rocks from the shafts were then combined to spell out the two words of the final clue.

  • Final Phrase: Bullion's Foreman
  • Final Answer: George Willikers


You can access the leaderboard and finishers list on the Box 4 page.

The fastest three Competitive teams that finished before hints were added are:

  1. Teamboat Willie - Seattle
  2. Circles All the Way Down
  3. Yensid's Apprentices in Denver

Thank You

Thank you for joining us for another box adventure.

If you enjoyed the event, please share with friends you think might like to play in the future. Box 5 is on sale until June 29.

If you want any answers to specific pieces of data, or want to ask us more questions about the game, please post them in the forum.