The MouseAdventure Zone

Final Results

DivisionTeam #Team NameNewFamilyTotal Score
Advanced5Echo Lake Renters Association821
Advanced6Future Elevator Hunters665
Advanced4Yen Sid's Apprentices649
Advanced3Rainy Day Cavalcade607
Advanced23San Diego Mouse Catchers585
Advanced11Lady's Tramps549
Advanced29Ursula's Tentacles548
Advanced15Lite Magic546
Advanced2Team Plutonium522
Advanced25Club Googlie Bears509
Advanced19The Heffatooies496
Advanced38Fantasmic Four489
Advanced9M&M InvestigatEARS488
Advanced18Tasty Abbott486
Advanced20The Other Mice482
Advanced28Aurora & Stitch474
Advanced27Just Keep Swimming464
Advanced32Tasty Abbott 3431
Advanced224 Characters in Search of an Answer431
Advanced37Runaway Brains416
Advanced7Chasing Mushu414
Advanced1413 O'CLOCK409
Advanced10Lost Falls Expedition407
Advanced31Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated404
Advanced26Aces & Eights373
Advanced30Tasty Abbott 2367
Advanced8Bibbidy Bobbidy Bleep!365
Advanced13Smoke Tree Ranchers312
Advanced17It's going to be Disney Legend ... wait for it... ary!308
Advanced12Dr. Falls and the 3 Schweitzers294
Advanced24Jiminy's Crickets226
Advanced21The Abominables65
Basic23Upside Down Cakes411
Basic53Club 34354
Basic125the no name gang.348
Basic94Naboombu All-Stars343
Basic17The Squirrel Squad326
Basic6Death by Monkeys321
Basic116The Omnidroid Learning Curve304
Basic121The Tip Top Clubbers299
Basic51Goof! There it is!297
Basic69Team Ratatouyee295
Basic170Green Boa Divas295
Basic141Space Rangers294
Basic169The Grey Matterhorns294
Basic111Team Venture288
Basic7It's All About ME. And Frank.280
Basic68Disney MountainEars279
Basic26Blew By You275
Basic28Hundred Acre Wood Hunting Party274
Basic144Wall-E World272
Basic165Gizmo Ducks269
Basic48Bloomin' Cockroaches264
Basic52Cotton Headed Ninny MugginsNew262
Basic157Skoll FamilyFamily260
Basic46Oh, Not Bad, A Little Down in the Mouth259
Basic117We HEART Disneyland!New257
Basic27Agents P256
Basic173Dragon in Distress256
Basic99The Obvious MickeysNew255
Basic115Perceptive Plaids255
Basic175Wonders in Wonderland255
Basic25YM's Majesty253
Basic85The Four Caballeros252
Basic80Trader Sam's Head Sales Team248
Basic8Tomorrow's News245
Basic138The ChipmunksFamily245
Basic136Club 55243
Basic22Caterpillar KidzNew242
Basic12The Mighty Sensei240
Basic160Sorcerer's Apprentice236
Basic149Hooks n Crooks235
Basic3Team Skillz232
Basic4King Louis Monkey Mafia228
Basic55The What-HuhsNew227
Basic21Spawn of OswaldFamily226
Basic77Snuggly Ducklings226
Basic83The Acceptables226
Basic19The Nom Nom Nomnivores224
Basic89Mickey's Marauders223
Basic98Stupid MonkeysNew219
Basic15Ariels Understudies216
Basic105Star Tourists215
Basic143Raiders of the Lost Pin TradersNew215
Basic65Skippers in De NileFamily214
Basic81Prince Charming and the CinderPellasNew214
Basic122To Serve Mouse208
Basic41Fellowship of the MouseNew200
Basic47Drawn Together199
Basic132Wahine a me KeonimanaFamily199
Basic128Team Name198
Basic137Scrooge's Security Squad195
Basic61Lucky RabbitsFamily194
Basic11Gold, Silver, Satin, and Lace193
Basic75Life's a Stitch191
Basic100To Be Determined191
Basic50Cute and FluffyFamily187
Basic95Mary poppies186
Basic152Lazy Llamas184
Basic36Raiders of the Lost pArk181
Basic70Retlaw Crew177
Basic29The MountainEars176
Basic86Team U175
Basic180The Bare Necessities175
Basic166Finding SerenityFamily173
Basic57Dis-Nerds Unite172
Basic10Team M & M's170
Basic76The THINKer Bells168
Basic171Zetus LapetusNew168
Basic155Ancient Cambodian Shriners167
Basic20The Yo Ho's166
Basic120Dharma Elevator Company164
Basic24Blew By You162
Basic34Fantasmic Four162
Basic104Nightmare on Main Street160
Basic14Tiki Tumblers159
Basic90Pooh's Corner154
Basic13Heimlich Maneuvers 2.0151
Basic66Max's Minions151
Basic177Forced Perspective151
Basic32Tigger ForceNew150
Basic73Storming the Castle148
Basic103The A TeamNew148
Basic148The Fantasmic! FourNew146
Basic178Walt's Wenches144
Basic18There's a Snake in My Boot!Family143
Basic96Uncle Thunder Mountain Kat139
Basic107Maleficent's Malfeasant Maids138
Basic131Goofy's Ghoolish Girlies136
Basic9Troublesome Adventurers134
Basic2Kuzco's Duo132
Basic124Beauties and the Beast132
Basic56One Legged Turkeys124
Basic72The New Orleans SquaresNew124
Basic62Team Kermit Flail114
Basic146Mouse TrAPP114
Basic88Team TinkNew112
Basic134Mickey's Misfits110
Basic101Los RatonesFamily108
Basic164The Crafty FoxesFamily108
Basic123Yeti Hunting Sherpas104
Basic182The Love BirdsNew104
Basic113Kings and Queens100
Basic33Jungle Cruisers92
Basic153The SKM's86
Basic93The Skellington Crew72
Basic64Unbuilt Attractions70
Basic NC87JBC334
Basic NC97iDisney311
Basic NC112Pascal286
Basic NC147Household Objects274
Basic NC45Team Black again268
Basic NC74Tangaroa-Ru Crew265
Basic NC127Lucky Fin Hollywood Tower Dancin' School261
Basic NC78Team Happy Place256
Basic NC106That Other Team251
Basic NC142Little Girls Lost245
Basic NC1Curiouser & Curiouser240
Basic NC58The Happy Hobbits238
Basic NC79Familia Uribe236
Basic NC119Squirrel!231
Basic NC161The Shunshine Shleuths223
Basic NC163What the Heffalump did we get into?!221
Basic NC31The Lost Boys (...and Girls)220
Basic NC49M&M CREW219
Basic NC44Rift Junkies199
Basic NC60Guardians of the Sleeping Zebra184
Basic NC102It's all about me!180
Basic NC59Enchanted Tiki Rejects170
Basic NC109The Pirates that Don't Do Anything166
Basic NC130164
Basic NC30The Featherer Sisters160
Basic NC176MAnia153
Basic NC40Team WikiWiki Mickey140
Basic NC151AristoCats126
Basic NC126Natvie Minnies126
Basic NC71119
Basic NC183Goofz117
Basic NC133Pooh Happens112
Basic NC172104
Basic NC181Andy's Toys94
Basic NC179Flubber70
Basic NC16757
Basic NC150Baby Mama's & Crew56
Basic NC129Team Brownie40
Basic NC118Team Soph30
Masters1Simba's Pride699