General Rules

The rules, as presented here, are provided as a guideline for new and returning players. Specific game rules will be provided to each team before each event, and should be reviewed for any modifications or changes. Rules provided with each game packet are the final rules that should be followed by all teams.

Information and rules

  • Disney parks are dynamic places – who knows what may change and affect this game? Your game packet(s) may include an errata page if we found errors or changes that affect game play after the materials were printed. Consider stopping by MouseAdventure Central or a MouseAdventure Station during the game to see if there are any new announcements or changes.
  • Each player must wear a lanyard displaying their team number at all times during the game.
  • If a player must drop out during the game, return to MouseAdventure Central for instructions. Don’t just leave the player sitting on a bench somewhere – your team will receive penalty points.
  • Teams will be required to ride attractions and enter queues. If you enter a queue, you must ride the attraction and/or stay for the entire performance, as applicable – you cannot skip out the exit. Players may not enter any attraction through the exit unless using a designated accessible entrance. If you must ride an attraction, teammates who are unwilling or unable to ride that attraction must wait at the attraction’s exit; however, you may not leave any game materials with that team member.
  • Hints will only be provided up to the 30 minutes before the end of the game.
  • Registered participants consent to the use of their likeness in photos for articles about, and promotion of, the event.
  • Unless otherwise directed, teams must stay together at all times throughout the event. Your team is only as fast as your slowest member. If your slowest member cannot keep up with the rest of the team, you are considered separated. All players should be within a few feet of each other. You may not send one member of your team to research something in another area, or leave one member to “rest” while the others complete a quest.


  • Restroom breaks (the rest of the team must remain nearby).
  • If a quest calls for you to ride an attraction and one or more players are unwilling or unable to ride that attraction, your team should leave those player(s) at the exit of the attraction before entering the queue. You may not leave any game materials with non-riding team members while you wait in line, and non-riding members must remain at the attraction exit until the rest of the team returns.
  • Some quests may specifically instruct your team to split up. If this is the case, your team may only separate while working on that quest, and only in the land(s) or area(s) specified.

Prohibited behaviors

  • Running. Your team is only as fast as your slowest member. If your slowest member cannot keep up with the rest of the team, you are considered separated. You should also not try to move faster than the local conditions allow; forcing your way through crowded areas will also result in penalties.
  • Line-cutting, pushing, shoving, or other rudeness. Play it safe since this is essentially a subjective call.
  • Any kind of overt cheating. Examples would be looking at another team’s materials, or asking people not on your team for assistance.
  • Using reference materials other than the provided park map and brochure. Unless the quest indicates otherwise, the use of any other reference materials is strictly prohibited (this includes any materials you may bring with yourself, as well as books available in various stores).
  • Asking Cast Members for assistance. Teams found getting CM assistance receive no credit for that quest, even if the Cast Members initiate the assistance. Be polite in telling them you need to do it yourself.
  • Using electronic equipment to aid in event completion (including smartphones, cellphones, digital cameras, FRS radios, ham radios, GPS, audio recorders, camcorders, pagers, laptops, and so on). If you need to check messages during the event, return to MouseAdventure Central or a MouseAdventure Station and check in with the MouseAdventure crew members there to avoid penalties.