MouseAdventure is a popular and fun quest-based event held at one of the Disney Theme Parks.

MouseAdventure is part-scavenger hunt, part-road rally, and part-trivia challenge; it’s a team-based competition that guarantees you will never look at the Disney Theme Parks in the same way again. You’ll notice buildings you usually walk past (do you know the address of the Main Street Music Company?), colors you might not have noticed (how many purple cars are there on the Mickey’s Fun Wheel?), and little details you didn’t even acknowledge (cannonballs on City Hall? You bet we’ve seen ’em).

Held in the Spring and in the Fall at one or more of the Disney Parks, MouseAdventure uses various event formats with their own rules and strategies, with puzzle-based “quests” serving as their core.

Join us at The Walt Disney Family Museum

Third Gate Games is excited to expand outside of the Disney parks to present MouseAdventure at the Museum, a new experience at The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Located in the historic Presidio, the museum traces the life and career of Walt Disney from his early years in the Midwest up to his work on the theme parks and beyond. The Walt Disney Family Museum is dedicated to informing and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds, a perfect fit to our games that inspire you to examine the everyday in new ways.

Due to the delicate nature of the museum’s collections, and the size of the venue, teams will consist of two players only. The number of teams for this event will be extremely limited. The same event will occur on consecutive days, Saturday February 3 and Sunday February 4; teams may select the day they wish to play during registration.

We are pleased to offer discounted admission to the museum as part of this event for those who need it.

Basic Division

February 3, 2018 and February 4, 2018 • The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco

MouseAdventure at the museum will put you through a series of quests and challenges to be solved within The Walt Disney Family Museum. The game will give members of the museum a completely new perspective, and provide a fun introduction for first time visitors.

Registration for the Basic Division is $135 per team. Each player will need admission to The Walt Disney Family Museum.

MouseAdventure registration does not include museum admission.


Saturday, February 3, 2018


Sunday, February 4, 2018



MouseAdventure registration does not include museum admission. All registrations are final. Registration is strictly limited by the capacity of the event venue. Once we are fully registered, we cannot make special exceptions or extend registration. There is no waiting list for this event.

Your MouseAdventure team must consist of two players.

MouseAdventure events can sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to have your team’s details before registration opens:

  • Pick a team captain who will be responsible for registering your team. Don’t assume your teammate is going to register for your team!
  • Signup for an account at You will need an account to register for the event.
  • Decide on a team name. (optional, but if you are going to have a team name, you must provide it during registration)
  • Be sure to have the first name, last name, and email address for each member of your team. This is a really good time to add to your e-mail client’s approved sender list. (If you use Earthlink or Hotmail, we can not guarantee that you will receive event-related e-mail from MouseAdventure. We STRONGLY encourage players with Earthlink or Hotmail accounts to register for another e-mail address [GMail is free, and works just fine] to ensure you receive all of the messages from MouseAdventure.)
  • Determine if you will need admission for the museum on game day for one or both members of your team.(we are pleased to offer discounted admission to the museum, but admission must be purchased at the time of registration)
  • Names for personalized buttons (optional)

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