MouseAdventure is a popular and fun quest-based event held at one of the Disney Theme Parks.

MouseAdventure is part-scavenger hunt, part-road rally, and part-trivia challenge; it’s a team-based competition that guarantees you will never look at the Disney Theme Parks in the same way again. You’ll notice buildings you usually walk past (do you know the address of the Main Street Music Company?), colors you might not have noticed (how many purple cars are there on the Pixar Pal-A-Round?), and little details you didn’t even acknowledge (cannonballs on City Hall? You bet we’ve seen ’em).

Held multiple times a year at Disney resorts in California and Florida, MouseAdventure uses various event formats with their own rules and strategies, with puzzle-based “quests” serving as their core.

Our next event in Southern California

Third Gate Games is excited to announce MouseAdventure: That’s From Disneyland, coming to Sherman Oaks, CA on August 18 and 19.

Disney collectors Richard and Nicholas Kraft are opening up their collection featuring amazing pieces of Disneyland history to the public. That’s From Disneyland! is a free pop-up exhibit and auction of one of the world’s largest private collections of pieces of Disneyland, featuring over 15 ride vehicles, audio-animatronic figures from several beloved attractions, original attraction posters, and rare & vintage props, souvenirs, and signage from the park.

The That’s From Disneyland! exhibit will be housed in a temporary exhibition space in Sherman Oaks. Due to the delicate nature of the pieces in the collection and the size of the venue, teams will consist of two players only. The number of teams for this event will be extremely limited. The same event will occur on consecutive days, Saturday August 18 and Sunday August 19; teams may select the day they wish to play during registration. The event will start at 9 a.m. and run until 1 p.m. each day.

Registration for
MouseAdventure: That’s From Disneyland

Saturday Aug, 18

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Sunday Aug, 19

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